FUN things to do in Bristol on State St

I was recently asked, What are some of the most fun thing you have done in Bristol? To be honest I really had to think about that. There is all the usual stuff to do like go to the movies, dine out and go shopping.
Right here on State St there is The Boarder Bash that happens throughout the summer  St with live music, lots of food and games.  It’s a nice gathering mostly of local people who want a night out. There is also live music held in the Farmers market area on Tueday & Thursday (or one could go to the Bristol Mall for live music also on Thursday) but keep in mind this area is all about county music and bluegrass. So if you’re into rock it doesn’t happen often they do offer four concerts throughout the season on the Tuesday & Thursday line up on State St so check it out.
And to end the summer season here on State St they have Rhythm and Roots where the entire section of State St from the Guitar to the Sign are blocked off and everyone has a grand time for the weekend, enjoying the activies on a larger scale. Maybe we’ll see each other there.

Happy sight-seeing

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