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Most Unusual Music Hobby Part 2

Here’s Step TWO

After you purchased the CD and entered all the info in the LP Database you are now ready to Create a Songs database.   This one is very easy to label I use only four columns (fields) titled  Artist/ LP name/ Song position/  Song title  Example of how it would look:

Osbourne Ozzy   2010-Scream     1.4   Life won’t die

Osbourne Ozzy   2010-Scream     2.1   Crucify

You probably are wondering what in the world the reason for the position column? I assign a number to each song as if the CD were divided in sides like it was when music came on vinyl or cassettes. So Life won’t die is the fourth song on side one and Crucify is the first song on side two. This information is needed later on as you will see if you continue to follow me.

Keep on rocking and following my hobby