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Pets and loss (2)

What can I say about Pets? Just that the hardest and worst part is losing them. This is my third loss in the last three years. BUT that should in no way keep us from having them for they give us so much joy and happiness. Recently I lost one of my beloved little ones her name was Lea and I had her for 14 ½ years ever since she was a puppy. She was a good dog; companion; and gave me some of my best laughs bossing the other dogs and cats hence one of her nicknames “Bully”. Since getting older her little legs were just to short for the back-door steps so she used wee wee pad and she also developed breathing problems over the last years which didn’t stop her from barking at the other pets. So her other name “Wheezy” was given to her while here in VA from a friend.


I miss her, but at least I was with her when she passed doing what I could to try and comfort her. She was one of a kind for sure how she hopped around, barked, waged her tail and begged for food/treats. She will be missed by all of us here. My little Lea….. here are some of the good memories.

Lea & Bitsy

Lea, Bitsy & Frankie


Lea around a year old with Muffin

And I don’t want to forget my cat Manson who I also lost this year in January he was 16


Happy New Year

What is your New Year resolution?  It seems that each year we all make one or more resolutions but how many of us keep them?  The more popular ones are to lose weight, quit smoking, get a better job, save money, get fit and the list goes on.  SO did you make any of these or did you have something original?   And did you keep it?

I can honestly say that I’ve kept my resolution for the past year (one at least) and that was to listen to more “older” music.  So I dusted off the LPS and Cassette tapes and have done that. IF you ever do this it’s almost like listening to NEW music since some of these albums haven’t been played in years and mainly only the hit songs stand out.

Is anyone willing to share any resolutions for this year?

In a follow up post I will tell you what mine is for 2014 it’s something  extremely different…….. and I will need YOUR help to accomplish it……

A GREAT, Wonderful, Happy and Healthy 2014 to Everyone!!!!!!   Monica

Pug New Year

The Fair Marketplace Bill

Who is it really fair to?  Business, The States or the Consumer that is the BIG question?

We all know that any time there is a bill brought before government it’s something that the politicians have introduced/or supported because it favors them.  Well, I feel this bill is no different after reading up on the subject. This is just another way for government to unfairly squeeze more money from the American public.

This would create a burden on small retailers who (according to this bill) would have to track and collect taxes from out-of-state online purchases and remit the monies yearly to each state. As the law was written ONLY businesses with a physical presence in the state needs to collect taxes from same state sales! Our fore fathers had so much more wisdom than we give them credit for; that by using such wording the point of sale is where the merchandise originates and NOT where it will be used.  If such a tax law is sought it needs to be uniform!  Is it Point of sale or point where used that determines  the tax?  WHY can’t The Senate see that?  Apparently the House of Representatives is more reasonable. As of May 2013 they have stalled this bill hopefully for good. They MUST be able to see the ramifications this flip flop bill would have. Do we really want to open up Pandora’s Box? IF ALL brick and mortar retailers were forced to ask their customer’s to show ID and collect tax by residence in order to charge such states sales tax, Would they be so willing to see this bill passed?  I THINK NOT!!!!!!!

I hope that this bill is permanently put to rest! And that business and consumer can shop in peace online.  REMEMBER when it’s time to vote that Our House of Representatives is supporting the people and have so far decided NOT to support this bill.  BUT the Senate passed it with flying colors. The HOUSE knows — for the people by the people — and they are listening.   

keep on being informed & get involved,

here are some more interesting links state of MontanaA lot wrong with Fair Marketplace bill, Bob Goodlatte,  and one last thought is that Amazon should be LOBBING WASHINGTON to clarify what “Physical Presence” means.  Again when this was written there was no concern for internet/mail order sales.  Since they are an online ONLY retailer this law should not include them they are only a warehouse and do not sell directly to the customer.

Heartburn GERD

natures wonder

I am not a doctor but recently I decided that with all the information on the internet about heartburn, acid reflux, GERD that taking ANY drug prescribed or over the counter is not good, it only masks the problem not help to cure it.  And in turn creates more problems.  After reading this I stopped taking the Purple pill, Tums etc. which I had been on for many years and tried going natural.    The first 3 weeks were torture  I felt as if my chest was on fire and even got sick a few times. But with perseverance I can now say I am off all heartburn suppressants and am using something natural called Aloe Vera juice.  Many are familiar with aloe as a cream or ointment  not something to drink. This has helped me.  But if I had talked with my doctor first he would have recommended that I wean off of the medicine so then I wouldn’t have suffered so much those first weeks.    I am glad I did this for my health since we need stomach acid to digest our foods properly  and get the nutrients we need from them.  Going this route might not be for everyone but you may want to consider trying this.       Go natural,    Monica


Would you ever believe this?

Can you believe this?

I have a little 16 pound dog who has been having coughing issues since the beginning of the year. Well first she was given medicine for a few weeks but when it didn’t work she was given another round but it didn’t go away. Took her back to the vet and it turns out she has a collapsed trachea and this inhaler is supposed to help.  We’ll see. I just got it this past week and of course she puts up a fight trying to use it. It has to be held over her snout while holding her and pressing the inhaler. Feel like I need 3 hands to do this.

Trying to use doggie inhaler

Inhaler next to my Lea

If anyone has ever used this or some other strange medicine for your pet please share
keep loving those pets,

Spring is beautiful

Beautiful Spring sight

So has Spring really sprung??  With the crazy weather we’ve been having throughout the country is it safe to say that?    Here in the Bristol VA/TN area it went below freezing back on May 22, 2002 so guess we’re not out of the woods just yet.   I love the spring it’s a time of renewal and to watch all the flowers and trees bloom and hear the cheerful sounds of the birds singing.  Do you like Spring?  If so please leave your thoughts tell us when it finally gets warm in your area …….  here’s some more pictures to enjoy  keep on rocking,  Monica

Nature at its best

dogs love spring too

Pet Peeve

Broken spray bottle Why do the spray bottles on products always break before you get to finish it?   I don’t care if it’s a dollar store spray bottle or the expensive name brand it always happens.    Why can’t they get it right and make the sprayer last at least for the one bottle.   If by some miracle the sprayer is still working when the product is gone I save it in case it will fit on another bottle when this happens.  Notice I say when this happens because it will!  So what are some of our pet peeves??
Keep on rocking, 

The GREAT Debate!!

Here’s a cute topic for April Fool’s day.   The Great debate!   Are you over or under?     This debate has been a hot topic for years and one that seems to come up more from the toilet paper than the paper towels.   What’s your choice? Would love to hear from you just for fun….  How about it post comments on your choice.    Mine is  can you guess??????

Are you over?

Or are you under?

Keep on reading,  Monica


Ever have strange creatures in your attic basement?

Hey there! Recently I was awoken by something flying around in my bedroom.  Well  my first reaction was I must be seeing things since I didn’t have my glasses on. But no my eyes were not tricking me it turned out to be a bird.

Bird in my attic

And that was not the first one over the next few weeks I had  3 more come in the house.  Each time I opened a window to get them to fly out and the last time I caught the cat trying to sneak out. He gave me a scare since my cats stay inside. But I finally found a roofer who would do a repair and not the whole roof.  It turned out there was a small opening along the gutter and that’s how the birds were getting in.  Took a picture of one bird that was in the attic. So anyone else ever have something like this happen?

Keep on reading, Monica

What IS your New Year Resolution?

Happy New Year

We all seem to view the New Year as a fresh start and resolve to do all sorts of things.   So what is your resolution?   Some of the more common are; to lose weight, workout more, eat healthy, watch less TV, spend more time with family & friends, save money, make better use of free time, fix something around the house, paint a room, clean out a forgotten closet, and the list goes on and on.  Personally, this year I decided NOT to make any since many of the things I plan to do get neglected anyway. I look back on last year’s list and think what was the point I still have piles of papers and magazines that I haven’t gone through.  And that was at the top of the list.

Tip of the iceberg

So do you have something that you put on your list and want to share.  Maybe something that you think is unique?

Have a wonderful 2013 and keep rockin,