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Do you ever wonder HOW TV evolved into

Remember when

this monster that we have to pay so much for every month? I remember cable TV coming into our area back in the very early 80’s. At the time my parents were not keen about having a hole drilled into the house or the part of paying an extra monthly bill. So they told me IF I wanted to have the cable TV I’d have to pay for it. I was more than willing since I was working and MTV was on the list of channels which was a priority for me. I was so thrilled and excited, we got 2 outlets one in the living room and the other my bedroom. I remember coming home for lunch and rushing upstairs with only a can of slimfast, and turn on MTV most times I could count on seeing a Journey video before heading back to work. I was in my late teens and this was a whole new way to watch TV less ads, a clearer picture and many more choices, many nights I stayed up wee hours in the morning. Keep on Watching, Monica
PS more to follow

Childhood taste — how much has yours changed????

When I was in my early teens my musical taste was pretty bland. I only listened to a few artists: The Osmond Brothers, The Partridge Family, the Rolling Stones, The Beatles, David Bowie & The Who—Pretty lame! It was my younger brother Gary who was only five at the time saw a commercial advertising a KISS concert and decided he liked them. So I wanted to hear the music, too, and “Rock & Roll Over” was the current album out. I bought it and we listened to it. That album opened the door for me expanding my realm of artists. And with the birth of MTV more artists we able to be seen as well as heard.

As a young lady I saw these bands regularly on MTV and was hooked. Motley Crue was the first to catch my eye wearing leather, makeup and lots of hair; it was very visually appealing.

People that I had never heard of I started listening to. And to this day my taste has not changed my passion is still Rock music, from what is considered Pop, or soft rock, to Heavy metal. If growing up means giving up my music then I vow never to grow up..

Happy listening,