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Now you see me

 It’s been some time since I did a movie review so here’s one.   If you haven’t seen this movie you should put this on your list.  It was interesting the whole way through, had an unexpected twist and popcorn was not needed to enjoy it like some movies.  It has a good cast especially a great actor like Morgan Freeman (who for some reason always gets a supporting role & not the lead) & Woody Harrelson (from Cheers who is one of the four main characters).  I don’t want to give anything away so I’ll stop here.   I’d give this 4 1/2 stars (out of five).         So tell us what you thought of this film.                         Keep on watching,  Monica

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Plant mystery? Do you know what this is?

Can anyone tell me what this plant is called?

This is such a  lovely plant. I’d really like to know what this is. My neighbor told me this plant only bloom once every three years which could be the reason I haven’t noticed them until this season. It’s a shame these flowers* don’t last-longer casue as you can see they are so eye-catching. I noticed they were only in bloom abnout 10 to 12 days and now only the green leaves* are left.

Please share what you think they could be so I can look it up and learn more about this plant.    

Purple plant mystery

Thanks so much and keep rockin, Monica