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WOW!!! I’m on Lakefrontmuse, an informative author site.

One of Mary’s books

I’m so excited that I met Mary Metcalfe online. She hosts a website for authors and she does a wonderful job doing unique posts for the featured author. Give it a try, check out all the authors who are on her site. We’re all just trying to get our stories out there. It’s intersting reading. You might find a book for the holidays to treat yourself or a gift for the reader on your list. 
Happy reading,

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Traditional Thanksgiving dinner

What a wonderful time of year.  We get to give thanks for all our blessings.

doesn’t that look tasty

Let’s not forget to give thanks for the land we live in the wonderful USA. There are so many sites to see all over the country and we have so many freedoms one very basic one is to come and go as we so choose and who we spend our time with.  Enjoy your Thanksgiving in whatever way makes you happy.

Happy turkey day to everyone,   Monica
Here’s something just for fun


Remembering our Veterans through song

Our souldiers are the reason Why we have the freedoms we enjoy everyday.  This is the one day of the year we can pay tribute to these brave, wonderful men and women who serve our country.  And what better way to honor our soldiers and country then by song.    Here are some songs that I listed, if your favorites are not here please comment.  Some gave all– Billy Ray Cyrus, Red white & blue– Lynard Skynard, Remember the heroes– Sammy Hagar, US blues– Grateful Dead, Fighting for freedom– Manowar, Born int the USA– Bruce Springsteen, A change is gonna come– Seal, Let’s roll– Neil Young, America- Neil Diamond, Travelin Soldier- Dixie chicks, Voice of America- Asia, Ragged old flag– Johnny cash, Living in America– James Brown, Born Country– Alabama, America will always stand– Randy Travis, Veterans of USA– Goads, American soldier– Toby Keith  & Our country– John Melloncamp.  There are so many more but these are just some more recent ones.     Keep on rolling America,   Monica

Shrinking ounces

Maxwell house “New” containter

Companies must think we don’t know what they are doing!  Maxwell houses’ new packaging for their large coffee went from 270 cups to 240 and the new design is much harder to grip.  This goes on with so many products the ounces are skrinking so take notice next time you buy everyday items like juice, bread, jelly etc.. If anyone has noticed this with products you buy or just want to vent please share your expericence with us…

Happy shopping,    Monica