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Have You Ever Done Something Silly? Here’s one of mine.

Having a Blast

Ever do something silly? I did back last year. Bristol TN/VA has concerts throughout the summer on State St in the Farmer’s market section. Country music is predominate in this area and the bands that perform twice a week are either country or bluegrass. Last year was a bit different with four tribute bands on the listings to perform.The first three were Aerosmith, Journey and the Eagles and they all drew a larger than usual crowd. Maybe people just wanted to hear something different.

But this gave me an idea. AC DC was the last of the tribute bands to perform on Sept 8 and I had a book signing coming up on the 11th. My friend Karen and I went to State St wearing signs of my up coming book signing. Security approached us and wanted to know what we were doing. Since it was only to promote the event they allowed us to pass out the flyers.

My sign was the size of a poster board and it hung touching my calves making it difficult to walk. Karen should have been wearing that one because she’s close to six feet tall. People must have thought we were flakey but it was fun just the same. We only did that for about an hour, put our supplies back in the car and went back to enjoy the show.

Doing Something Silly

I hope they continue to have some rock bands there again this year. What do you think?   Did you go to any of the concerts? Have you ever done silly stuff like this without it being Halloween?Happy having some silly fun,

FUN things to do in Bristol on State St

I was recently asked, What are some of the most fun thing you have done in Bristol? To be honest I really had to think about that. There is all the usual stuff to do like go to the movies, dine out and go shopping.
Right here on State St there is The Boarder Bash that happens throughout the summer  St with live music, lots of food and games.  It’s a nice gathering mostly of local people who want a night out. There is also live music held in the Farmers market area on Tueday & Thursday (or one could go to the Bristol Mall for live music also on Thursday) but keep in mind this area is all about county music and bluegrass. So if you’re into rock it doesn’t happen often they do offer four concerts throughout the season on the Tuesday & Thursday line up on State St so check it out.
And to end the summer season here on State St they have Rhythm and Roots where the entire section of State St from the Guitar to the Sign are blocked off and everyone has a grand time for the weekend, enjoying the activies on a larger scale. Maybe we’ll see each other there.

Happy sight-seeing

Disapperaring Wonderword Game


Have you ever enjoyed a puzzle in the newspaper? 

I have and when I moved the newspaper from NJ here to Bristol VA, the paper didn’t print it. It’s called “Wonderword”.  This is a great search a word puzzle. For those of you who are not familiar, it has a different twist where the letters are to be individually circled and the remaining letters will spell out the answer.

I was so happy that, after a few months, I found it in the mall at one of the calendar stands as a “Page a day calendar” for the upcoming year.

I was able to find it this way for two years but this year I couldn’t find it anywhere—not at the specialty calendar stands, not even online.  I called the company and of course, it was discontinued. However, it’s on the Wonderword website, which only gives two puzzles a week.  Heck that’s better than nothing! 

So has this ever happened with something you like?  I’m sure we all have experienced something like this with various products or services we’ve come to enjoy and BAM, one day it’s gone!  How many times have I been disappointed in TV shows I’ve started watching and then get cancelled?  

Happy gaming,


Don’t We All HATE waiting in lines!!!

pretty stressful
How many people HATE waiting? It’s been documented that we spend years waiting in lines. I especially get annoyed when I start my day early and tackle my do list of weekly chores, such as food shopping and breeze through the store only to be stuck in line because the computer went down. Now I’m a few people deep in the line, so do I ditch the groceries or wait it out and possibly be late for my doctor’s appointment causing them to reschedule me? Just when I thought I was doing good on time this sets me back. And I will still need to stop home and put the cold items away. This can be most frustrating. We are so dependant on computers that when they stop it sure does make life come to a stand still.
But some things are worth waiting for, such as special planned vacations, a holiday, milestones of family or oneself such as graduations, birthdays, weddings, a special show, a concert; lots of good stuff to look forward to. But all in all I think we all feel waiting in line is a waste of ones time.
why do they look happy?

Happy waiting in lines (just joking)


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Favorite Foods


Everyone loves to eat different foods and talk about them as well. Going out to eat is always a crowd pleaser.  My parents used to make it a Saturday night ritual looking at that as their vacation since they didn’t take one.  And I’m following in the tradition, most weekends I go out with my friend Michelle. It seems the hardest part is deciding which place to pick.   Both of us are big on “cheese and tomato sauce” you could say we are partial to Italian cuisine the pizza, pasta, and parmesan dishes; all make great eating. Sometimes it’s Chinese take out, a burger or sandwiches. Here in the Tri-cities the place for a great pulled pork sandwich is “Hot Dog It”. The taste is excellent and the sandwich large and filling.  If you want a salad I would recommend Mad Greek’s grilled chicken salad with house dressing.  Once you have their’s you probably won’t order it anyplace else.

Why not share some of your favorite foods/food places with us?  Maybe you agree or you could give us some new places to visit.    Are these pictures making you hungry?
Happy eating out!!

More about Family Tradition Cookies

LEKVAR COOKIES Are you hungry yet?

The secret to having these cookies turn out well is that the dough needs to be rolled out as thinly as possible. Then the filling is put on them and rolled up. You can fill them to your taste I like an ample amount in them, this enhances the flavor being too stingy with the filling makes it taste too doughy. We lived on the East Coast and this item eventually was available in the grocery stores. Today it can be mail ordered directly from the company. Another BIG helpful tip is to use Reynolds Wrap Release (non-stick) foil so the cookies slide off.

Simon & Fischer Company that makes the Levkar

Happy baking,

Do You Have a Favorite Family Tradition????

Here’s one of our family traditions, cookies that my mom & I would make mainly for Christmas. At times my sisters and brother would join in and when my neice was old enough she’d help too. It’s made with homemade dough and set in the frig at least overnight. BUT the filling we use is what makes this special. It’s called Prune Butter or Lekvar and when I was a child this “special” filling was only available at the import store.  You can use other fillings to such as nut, poppy seed, or even other jams, but do not use one that is too thin or it will ooze out while baking. Here’s how our cookies look when done.

Makes me think of the holidays when I was a child


Happy family time


Family Bonding TIme is Seeing a Manson Concert

HEY MANSON Fans here’s my neice and I at the House of Blues in AC New Jersey before the concert.  It was a treat getting to see Manson after so many years.  This was our third time seeing him and of course we went to all three shows together.  It’s our special time!
Manson Concert 2012 in NJ
Manson Concert 2012 in NJ
Manson Concert 2012 in NJ
               Heres’s the song list
Cruel world  —  Dispasable teens  —  Love song
No reflection  —  Mobscence  —  Dope show
Slo motion  —  Rock is dead  —  Personal Jesus
Pistol whipped  —  Tourniquet  —  Hate athem
Sweet dreams  —  Anti-christ  —  Beautiful people
So if anyone has been to a concert recently please share with us……  Music is truly one of life’s pleasure’s.
Happy listening

Childhood taste — how much has yours changed????

When I was in my early teens my musical taste was pretty bland. I only listened to a few artists: The Osmond Brothers, The Partridge Family, the Rolling Stones, The Beatles, David Bowie & The Who—Pretty lame! It was my younger brother Gary who was only five at the time saw a commercial advertising a KISS concert and decided he liked them. So I wanted to hear the music, too, and “Rock & Roll Over” was the current album out. I bought it and we listened to it. That album opened the door for me expanding my realm of artists. And with the birth of MTV more artists we able to be seen as well as heard.

As a young lady I saw these bands regularly on MTV and was hooked. Motley Crue was the first to catch my eye wearing leather, makeup and lots of hair; it was very visually appealing.

People that I had never heard of I started listening to. And to this day my taste has not changed my passion is still Rock music, from what is considered Pop, or soft rock, to Heavy metal. If growing up means giving up my music then I vow never to grow up..

Happy listening,