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Merry Christmas!!!!!!





What Can I say about Christmas that hasn’t been said before?

It’s a holiday where we should give thanks for the wonderful people in our lives and not about the gifts.   Over the years the true meaning of Christmas has faded farther into the back round, just take a look at the stores and how fast they go from Halloween directly to Christmas with Thanksgiving practically passed by.    Just imagine for a few moments WHAT would happen if we  ALL decided that on Christmas we were going to only BUY each person on our list ONE gift. Wouldn’t that make that one gift mean more? And it wouldn’t have to be something expensive just personal.   Other gifts we could give are things we can make, bake or  spending time with our loved ones.  These kinds of gifts that can’t be bought are the ones most valuable.   Let’s remember the TRUE/REAL meaning of this holiday and we all will be happier in the end.

Have a wonderful Merry Christmas!!!!  Monica

Peaceful no stress tree

Heartburn relief the Natural way Update


Aloe Vera Juice Gallon size


This is a follow up to my post on the Fruit of the Earth Aloe Vera Juice.  Just to let you know that IF you have been using this juice it also comes in flavors in the Gallon size.  Don’t let the store tell you they can’t get it because the company EOTE who makes and carries it says they can.  Trust me the Wild berry flavor is so much better then the original.  I don’t have to mix this with anything and it doesn’t have a bad taste. I haven’t tired the Hibiscus Cranberry yet but have it on standby for the next time and there is also an Herbal flavor.   This juice helps and I was also told that adding digestive enzymes also helps so I’ve added that to my routine. I am willing to try anything that is natural.    So if you have an experience with natural products please share.  Keep on staying healthy,   Monica

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Made in America

    Sometimes all it takes is a few minutes to   make a good choice.  This bagged lettuce was made by the local store here and states  it’s 100% USA made where as the major name brand (DOLE) has the same product but it’s not 100% made in USA. Who wants foreign countries produce when we can get our own?  If more than one place is listed who knows what percentage is made here? Another product is the Green Giant frozen veggies in a bag they are a USA product yet for some reason the frozen veggies in a box are from Mexico. Why?

From now on I’m going to be checking to see where the food is from.  I hope more people will take a minute while food shopping to look at the label, for health and to support our USA food producers.

Keep healthy,

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Traditional Thanksgiving dinner

What a wonderful time of year.  We get to give thanks for all our blessings.

doesn’t that look tasty

Let’s not forget to give thanks for the land we live in the wonderful USA. There are so many sites to see all over the country and we have so many freedoms one very basic one is to come and go as we so choose and who we spend our time with.  Enjoy your Thanksgiving in whatever way makes you happy.

Happy turkey day to everyone,   Monica
Here’s something just for fun


Shrinking ounces

Maxwell house “New” containter

Companies must think we don’t know what they are doing!  Maxwell houses’ new packaging for their large coffee went from 270 cups to 240 and the new design is much harder to grip.  This goes on with so many products the ounces are skrinking so take notice next time you buy everyday items like juice, bread, jelly etc.. If anyone has noticed this with products you buy or just want to vent please share your expericence with us…

Happy shopping,    Monica

Were you at Rhythm & Roots?

Hey I was there, made it two out of the three days.  It was a good time.  I got in a lot of exercise this weekend, Friday the walk to the car was more then the few times we walked State St.  There was so many different things to eat. If you weren’t hungry before you got there all the smells surely would make you. And there were lots of people funny though I didn’t run into anyone I knew.   Out of all the music I did get to hear Tift Merritt would be my favorite pick. I really enjoyed her performance.  

A little Free Advertising

Keep on listening,Monica

Bristol Rhythm & Roots

It’s that time again where Bristol TN/VA gets to have another BIG music event with 24 stages. A 5K Road Race, 2mi Fun Walk, a Chili Cook Off just to mention a few. And don’t forget about all the different things to eat, crafts, unique shopping and fun activies. This all starts on Sept, 14 for a BIG 3 Day Weekend here in Bristol. Rhythm and Roots.                Everybody enjoy, Monica

Photo credit Justin Wiseman


TOTINOS pizza TV Blooper

Hey I am the only one wbo noticed this?      

Totinos Pizza

Who leaves a cell phone in the freezer?

 There has to be other people who noticed this BLOOPER where the kid leaves the cell phone in the freezer.      Waiting to hear from you…..     LOL

Keep watching that crazy tube,                                                          Monica

FUN things to do in Bristol on State St

I was recently asked, What are some of the most fun thing you have done in Bristol? To be honest I really had to think about that. There is all the usual stuff to do like go to the movies, dine out and go shopping.
Right here on State St there is The Boarder Bash that happens throughout the summer  St with live music, lots of food and games.  It’s a nice gathering mostly of local people who want a night out. There is also live music held in the Farmers market area on Tueday & Thursday (or one could go to the Bristol Mall for live music also on Thursday) but keep in mind this area is all about county music and bluegrass. So if you’re into rock it doesn’t happen often they do offer four concerts throughout the season on the Tuesday & Thursday line up on State St so check it out.
And to end the summer season here on State St they have Rhythm and Roots where the entire section of State St from the Guitar to the Sign are blocked off and everyone has a grand time for the weekend, enjoying the activies on a larger scale. Maybe we’ll see each other there.

Happy sight-seeing

Favorite Foods


Everyone loves to eat different foods and talk about them as well. Going out to eat is always a crowd pleaser.  My parents used to make it a Saturday night ritual looking at that as their vacation since they didn’t take one.  And I’m following in the tradition, most weekends I go out with my friend Michelle. It seems the hardest part is deciding which place to pick.   Both of us are big on “cheese and tomato sauce” you could say we are partial to Italian cuisine the pizza, pasta, and parmesan dishes; all make great eating. Sometimes it’s Chinese take out, a burger or sandwiches. Here in the Tri-cities the place for a great pulled pork sandwich is “Hot Dog It”. The taste is excellent and the sandwich large and filling.  If you want a salad I would recommend Mad Greek’s grilled chicken salad with house dressing.  Once you have their’s you probably won’t order it anyplace else.

Why not share some of your favorite foods/food places with us?  Maybe you agree or you could give us some new places to visit.    Are these pictures making you hungry?
Happy eating out!!