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Pets and loss (2)

What can I say about Pets? Just that the hardest and worst part is losing them. This is my third loss in the last three years. BUT that should in no way keep us from having them for they give us so much joy and happiness. Recently I lost one of my beloved little ones her name was Lea and I had her for 14 ½ years ever since she was a puppy. She was a good dog; companion; and gave me some of my best laughs bossing the other dogs and cats hence one of her nicknames “Bully”. Since getting older her little legs were just to short for the back-door steps so she used wee wee pad and she also developed breathing problems over the last years which didn’t stop her from barking at the other pets. So her other name “Wheezy” was given to her while here in VA from a friend.


I miss her, but at least I was with her when she passed doing what I could to try and comfort her. She was one of a kind for sure how she hopped around, barked, waged her tail and begged for food/treats. She will be missed by all of us here. My little Lea….. here are some of the good memories.

Lea & Bitsy

Lea, Bitsy & Frankie


Lea around a year old with Muffin

And I don’t want to forget my cat Manson who I also lost this year in January he was 16