Have You Ever Done Something Silly? Here’s one of mine.

Having a Blast

Ever do something silly? I did back last year. Bristol TN/VA has concerts throughout the summer on State St in the Farmer’s market section. Country music is predominate in this area and the bands that perform twice a week are either country or bluegrass. Last year was a bit different with four tribute bands on the listings to perform.The first three were Aerosmith, Journey and the Eagles and they all drew a larger than usual crowd. Maybe people just wanted to hear something different.

But this gave me an idea. AC DC was the last of the tribute bands to perform on Sept 8 and I had a book signing coming up on the 11th. My friend Karen and I went to State St wearing signs of my up coming book signing. Security approached us and wanted to know what we were doing. Since it was only to promote the event they allowed us to pass out the flyers.

My sign was the size of a poster board and it hung touching my calves making it difficult to walk. Karen should have been wearing that one because she’s close to six feet tall. People must have thought we were flakey but it was fun just the same. We only did that for about an hour, put our supplies back in the car and went back to enjoy the show.

Doing Something Silly

I hope they continue to have some rock bands there again this year. What do you think?   Did you go to any of the concerts? Have you ever done silly stuff like this without it being Halloween?Happy having some silly fun,
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  1. valarie says:

    best book ever! read it people

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