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Pets and loss (2)

What can I say about Pets? Just that the hardest and worst part is losing them. This is my third loss in the last three years. BUT that should in no way keep us from having them for they give us so much joy and happiness. Recently I lost one of my beloved little ones her name was Lea and I had her for 14 ½ years ever since she was a puppy. She was a good dog; companion; and gave me some of my best laughs bossing the other dogs and cats hence one of her nicknames “Bully”. Since getting older her little legs were just to short for the back-door steps so she used wee wee pad and she also developed breathing problems over the last years which didn’t stop her from barking at the other pets. So her other name “Wheezy” was given to her while here in VA from a friend.


I miss her, but at least I was with her when she passed doing what I could to try and comfort her. She was one of a kind for sure how she hopped around, barked, waged her tail and begged for food/treats. She will be missed by all of us here. My little Lea….. here are some of the good memories.

Lea & Bitsy

Lea, Bitsy & Frankie


Lea around a year old with Muffin

And I don’t want to forget my cat Manson who I also lost this year in January he was 16


What the PUG?

For all you PUG lovers (& dog lovers too) isn’t this mug just so cute?

Don’t think any other breed would work

what’s in the cup?

now doesn’t he look like he’s up to something?

Let me know if you can think of any other breed this MUG would work for….. keep rocking Monica

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Pets and loss

Last picture taken with my Tiny

Some people don’t realize how important a pet can become. I remember when Tiny first came to live with me it was on a Thanksgiving day when his then owners knocked on my door telling me they were moving and couldn’t take him. These people had mistreated him and I quickly jumped at the chance to take Tiny in to show him a better life. It took him a little while to get used to me and my other pets but he adjusted fairly quickly.  He made the big move with me to VA but only after a few months he was diagnosed with sugar. My dad often would say that he wouldn’t last long but for an animal he lasted 3 and 1/2 years which is pretty long. He didn’t give me any trouble giving him those shots either somehow he sensed I was only trying to help him.  And even those last few weeks when the vet was giving him several more shots he understood.

Today marks one week since Tiny passed and I know my dogs Lea & Frankie must be missing Tiny to cause they are very quiet and lying around more than usual.  Frankie still looks for Tiny when he goes outside. But the cats I’m not so sure about.

Last picture of all the dogs together

Last picture of all the dogs together

Even though saying good-bye is the hardest part of having a pet the time having them is well worth it. I also was fortunate to have a great Vet (Dr. Dotson) who helped make this easier on me and Tiny. He took special care of Tiny and was totally up front with me throughout Tiny’s illness, preparing me for the worst but still hopeful that he might have pulled through by using a different course of treatment. Which he did try. It’s nice to know that people like him still exist and are willing to put the pet’s welfare first.

Keep loving your pets,  Monica

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Would you ever believe this?

Can you believe this?

I have a little 16 pound dog who has been having coughing issues since the beginning of the year. Well first she was given medicine for a few weeks but when it didn’t work she was given another round but it didn’t go away. Took her back to the vet and it turns out she has a collapsed trachea and this inhaler is supposed to help.  We’ll see. I just got it this past week and of course she puts up a fight trying to use it. It has to be held over her snout while holding her and pressing the inhaler. Feel like I need 3 hands to do this.

Trying to use doggie inhaler

Inhaler next to my Lea

If anyone has ever used this or some other strange medicine for your pet please share
keep loving those pets,

Ever have strange creatures in your attic basement?

Hey there! Recently I was awoken by something flying around in my bedroom.  Well  my first reaction was I must be seeing things since I didn’t have my glasses on. But no my eyes were not tricking me it turned out to be a bird.

Bird in my attic

And that was not the first one over the next few weeks I had  3 more come in the house.  Each time I opened a window to get them to fly out and the last time I caught the cat trying to sneak out. He gave me a scare since my cats stay inside. But I finally found a roofer who would do a repair and not the whole roof.  It turned out there was a small opening along the gutter and that’s how the birds were getting in.  Took a picture of one bird that was in the attic. So anyone else ever have something like this happen?

Keep on reading, Monica

Crazy dogs!

I saw this mat in a magazine and I have to totally agree that they put the right dog next to the picture.

pet dog mat

If there are any Pug owners out there (like myself) I’m sure you will agree that Pug’s are known for not listening.  They can be just like having a little kid around.  Love to hear your comments on these silly, crazy dogs.

Keep rocking,

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My cat Geddy appreciates great music!

My cat Geddy knows good music and relaxes on the best format the vinyl LP.

Happy rocking, Monica

One Really pissed CAT


wet cat

Have you ever tried giving a cat a bath  well I did and he wasn’t happy.

Happy pets,


Here’s to all Pet (animal) people part 2

Please turn off the lights
My feline babies started with my very first cat, an orange tabby that I got while I had Muffin. I wanted him to stand out so I named him Ozzy. Yes, after Ozzy Osbourne. I got him from a neighbor whose cat had kittens. He was a sweet cat and reminded me of a dog because he would come when called. I also had my sister’s cat Missy, who literally was a bitch, very antisocial. She stayed in my basement and only came around when she wanted. Then I decided I wanted another cat so I went to the shelter and this cute gray kitten caught my eye. I knew I found a new baby to bring home. I decided my cats were going to be named after musicians. Therefore, this cat was named Manson, but he mostly is called baby cat. Him and Ozzy became friends and would hang on the windowsill like bookends. By the time Missy finally started coming around she got sick and I had her put down. At this time I had the two dogs Lea & Tiny and the two cats Ozzy & Manson. Then there was a stray cat that kept coming around my back yard. I felt sorry for it so I’d put food and water out and this went on for a few months. I really thought it would get run over since I lived in a busy city back then. It didn’t take me long to bring him in the house. I joke and tell people I cat-napped him. And yes it turned out it was a male. Again I got to pick a cool name, this tan/orange color cat I call Geddy, after the singer for Rush, Geddy Lee. Not long after I got Geddy, my Ozzy got sick and I had to put him down. For a short while I had just the two dogs and two cats until the Pug came along.

So that’s my story of how I got all my babies….

Happy pets,

Here’s to all us Pet (animal) people


My pets are my babies. My very first dog was a Chihuahua mix she was white with long hair and I named her Candy. When Candy was about twelve I got a second little Chihuahua mix that was mostly white with some black and I named her Muffin. The two never got that close because of the age difference. Both were good dogs but Muffin was extra sweet. Candy died at fourteen. I got another dog that was a Chihuahua but this time a full breed. I was adamant not to name her after food. Her name is Lea. Muffin and Lea knew each other but not for long. Muffin died at ten years olds almost on her birthday. Now Lea is my oldest, smallest, and cutest of the bunch. Since she is the only female; she is the most spoiled.

My next two came into the family by chance. First came Tiny, a Chihuahua mix, who now weighs twenty-six pounds. His other half is a mystery. He was a neighbor’s dog years ago who was neglected and abused, and when they moved they no longer wanted him. They showed up on my doorstep on Thanksgiving day and asked me IF I wanted him. I felt bad for him and said yes. He’s really a good dog, just when I first got him he showed his teeth a lot, because of his history with people. Once he got used to me he was fine. Then came Frankie who started out as my niece‘s dog. She couldn’t keep him due to her apartment changing the lease and needed to find him a home. Auntie offered to adopt him. This one is a Pug named after the Pug in Men In Black. He’s like a bull in a china shop; not graceful at all. He’s a handful most days but when he looks at me with those big brown bulgy eyes, I can’t stay mad at him very long.

These are my canine babies I also have two felines but that is another story…
Happy pets