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Free TV

Do you ever wonder HOW TV evolved into

Remember when

this monster that we have to pay so much for every month? I remember cable TV coming into our area back in the very early 80’s. At the time my parents were not keen about having a hole drilled into the house or the part of paying an extra monthly bill. So they told me IF I wanted to have the cable TV I’d have to pay for it. I was more than willing since I was working and MTV was on the list of channels which was a priority for me. I was so thrilled and excited, we got 2 outlets one in the living room and the other my bedroom. I remember coming home for lunch and rushing upstairs with only a can of slimfast, and turn on MTV most times I could count on seeing a Journey video before heading back to work. I was in my late teens and this was a whole new way to watch TV less ads, a clearer picture and many more choices, many nights I stayed up wee hours in the morning. Keep on Watching, Monica
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Heartburn GERD

natures wonder

I am not a doctor but recently I decided that with all the information on the internet about heartburn, acid reflux, GERD that taking ANY drug prescribed or over the counter is not good, it only masks the problem not help to cure it.  And in turn creates more problems.  After reading this I stopped taking the Purple pill, Tums etc. which I had been on for many years and tried going natural.    The first 3 weeks were torture  I felt as if my chest was on fire and even got sick a few times. But with perseverance I can now say I am off all heartburn suppressants and am using something natural called Aloe Vera juice.  Many are familiar with aloe as a cream or ointment  not something to drink. This has helped me.  But if I had talked with my doctor first he would have recommended that I wean off of the medicine so then I wouldn’t have suffered so much those first weeks.    I am glad I did this for my health since we need stomach acid to digest our foods properly  and get the nutrients we need from them.  Going this route might not be for everyone but you may want to consider trying this.       Go natural,    Monica