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MUSIC Buyers Beware!!!!!

That as of July 10, 2015 new music is being released on Friday instead of Tuesday. I don’t know IF this means we get more days for a sale price or less. When it was on Tuesday those of us who prefer the hard (physical) copy only had 5 days to get that sale price. So my advice is to know when your artist is releasing a new CD and look in the sale paper the Sunday of release week.

It seems that there is no way to know for certain if the sale price will carry over to the next week so IF you are even remotely thinking about buying the hard copy I urge you to do so. Remember that the hard copy generally comes with the lyrics, pictures, and liner notes etc. I’m not saying the download copy is bad just that the hard copy has perks.

BOTTOM LINE whatever format you like BUY the WHOLE CD (which is the way the artist intended for it to be listened to). There are always songs that never get airplay that are just as good or better than the hit & possibly could be your personal favorite. Why should WE (the music buyer/listener) be told by the record companies what songs are worth our time when music speaks to us so differently?

Please Support the artists with your purchase or new music will become a thing of the past.

Keep on rockin

PS I’m looking forward to much anticipated releases this month, August will be a GREAT month for new music with releases from DISTURBED, POP EVIL & BUCKCHERRY that I know of. More next post at ……..

Meeting POP EVIL

Can you believe Pop Evil knows about my book?

As fate would have it, while on vacation in WI, I was presented with a rare opportunity to attend a POP EVIL show. I hurried to get my ticket the night before to guarantee I’d get in and boy was I surprised the next night. I not only got to see POP EVIL but I was among the first few fans to get a meet and greet with the band.  The guys were wonderful as they greeted the row of fans that were awaiting them. They each signed our CD’s, posters, shook hands, gave hugs and made an effort to say something to each fan but the most memorable part for me was having my picture taken with the band. This was something we’d all have as a special memory forever.

And even more so for me since I was also able to hand them my information about a book I wrote that has a music theme. They were very supportive and showed interest. It meant the world to me that finally musicians would know about it. After all that is who I dedicated the book to.  I hope that POP EVIL finds the time in their busy schedule to read it. But as you can see when I saw the picture up close I realized that  Matt was holding my card. That small gesture made this experience even more exciting and personal for me.

POP EVIL put on a great, high energy show that evening giving the fans a mix of new and older material. And the smaller venue made the show more intimate. The band was super cool and told the fans to stick around after the show cause they were going to hang out.  They really are a nice group of young men and IF they are in your area by all means go check them out.  You won’t be disappointed.     
Keep on rockin, Monica
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Free ebook July 29-30th

Humanizing the Jaguar

Free Ebook promotion of “Humanizing the Jaguar” on July 29-30, 2013 on I urge you to get your download and please review. It would be appreciated. Tell your friends, family anyone you might know that likes to read. The story is about a young boy who grows up to find success in the music business. But his cockiness finds him in a precarious situation that he can only get out of with help from an unexpected friend. Packed with suspense, drama and a music theme and as an added BONUS a music game is hidden throughout the text. Take the challenge IF you dare! I’ll be looking forward to comments.
Thank you & happy reading, Monica

WOW!!! I’m on Lakefrontmuse, an informative author site.

One of Mary’s books

I’m so excited that I met Mary Metcalfe online. She hosts a website for authors and she does a wonderful job doing unique posts for the featured author. Give it a try, check out all the authors who are on her site. We’re all just trying to get our stories out there. It’s intersting reading. You might find a book for the holidays to treat yourself or a gift for the reader on your list. 
Happy reading,

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I’m so EXCITED!!!!

Hi there,

Daddio the author

Carefree author

I wanted to tell everyone that I’ve been interviewed recently about my book. It’s just so exciting I had to tell everyone.                                                         .

You can read  about it here and here

I’ll be posting more as they happen..

Happy Rock n Roll reading,   Monica



Have You Ever Done Something Silly? Here’s one of mine.

Having a Blast

Ever do something silly? I did back last year. Bristol TN/VA has concerts throughout the summer on State St in the Farmer’s market section. Country music is predominate in this area and the bands that perform twice a week are either country or bluegrass. Last year was a bit different with four tribute bands on the listings to perform.The first three were Aerosmith, Journey and the Eagles and they all drew a larger than usual crowd. Maybe people just wanted to hear something different.

But this gave me an idea. AC DC was the last of the tribute bands to perform on Sept 8 and I had a book signing coming up on the 11th. My friend Karen and I went to State St wearing signs of my up coming book signing. Security approached us and wanted to know what we were doing. Since it was only to promote the event they allowed us to pass out the flyers.

My sign was the size of a poster board and it hung touching my calves making it difficult to walk. Karen should have been wearing that one because she’s close to six feet tall. People must have thought we were flakey but it was fun just the same. We only did that for about an hour, put our supplies back in the car and went back to enjoy the show.

Doing Something Silly

I hope they continue to have some rock bands there again this year. What do you think?   Did you go to any of the concerts? Have you ever done silly stuff like this without it being Halloween?Happy having some silly fun,

Music Fan Writes Rockin’ Novel

Welcome to my Blog….

My name is Monica Daddio (yes daddy-o) and ever since I can remember, I have been an avid music fan. I was born and raised in New Jersey which is also the birthplace of Bon Jovi and other well-known rockers. I attended Catholic grammar schools and Trenton High.

I was only familiar with a handful of music artists: The Osmond Brothers and The Partridge Family and only a few rock acts like The Rolling Stones, The Who, The Beatles and David Bowie. My younger brother introduced me to rock music when I was in high school. I think Kiss would be my favorite band. They also had the most influence on my music taste. Then came the birth of MTV and I fell in love with rock music in all its aspects.

When I was seventeen I went to work as summer help for the Mercer County Superintendent of Elections office. This turned into my first and only full time job. I stayed there until I was able to retire and move with my father to the Bristol VA/TN area.

The first question everyone asks around here is “What brought you to Bristol?” My reasons are pretty simple. The weather is nicer, the houses are more affordable, the lifestyle is slower paced, and the people are very friendly. There is a landmark sign over State Street that reads “Bristol is a nice place to live.” And, I agree, it is.

I can’t remember when I first thought about writing a book. It is something I have wanted to do for years. My passion for rock music and rock musicians inspired my first novel, “Humanizing the Jaguar”. This story is about a young boy who faces life’s challenges as he strives to become the next rock star.

And for all you music fans, I added a very special game throughout the book. Test your music knowledge by spotting as many of the 150+ trivia clues hidden throughout the text. Let me know how many of the clues you can find in the comments section at the end of this blog. To all you rockers out there, join in the fun and see just how much trivia you really know.

Happy Reading,