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Most Unusual Music Hobby

WELCOME FELLOW READERS (AND MUSIC LOVERS)  I AM DOING A SEGMENT EXPLAINING MY MOST UNUSUAL MUSIC HOBBY!  I encourage all MUSIC fans to consider taking this up.  This hobby is very different and so much more than your average record keeping. Anyone can do it. All you need is a love for music and a desire to organize.  There are several steps so please have a little patience and you will be amazed.

In this installment I will explain the first step of my hobby.

Step one is to create a database for LP’s, CD’s or in today’s marketplace downloads of what you own. This works using the entire CD and not for single songs as you will see.

The database is laid out in rows that are titled

Name of artist/ Name of LP/ When bought/ Where bought/ Price/ Lyrics/ Format    or whatever you want to include

This is pretty self-explanatory. I started out typing these on index cards and filed them alphabetically by artist. But putting this into a computer is much easier and faster at sorting the information however it’s asked for.

Here’s a sample of my LP database

Keep on listening to the music & please follow me with more steps,    Monica