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Merry Christmas!!!!!!





What Can I say about Christmas that hasn’t been said before?

It’s a holiday where we should give thanks for the wonderful people in our lives and not about the gifts.   Over the years the true meaning of Christmas has faded farther into the back round, just take a look at the stores and how fast they go from Halloween directly to Christmas with Thanksgiving practically passed by.    Just imagine for a few moments WHAT would happen if we  ALL decided that on Christmas we were going to only BUY each person on our list ONE gift. Wouldn’t that make that one gift mean more? And it wouldn’t have to be something expensive just personal.   Other gifts we could give are things we can make, bake or  spending time with our loved ones.  These kinds of gifts that can’t be bought are the ones most valuable.   Let’s remember the TRUE/REAL meaning of this holiday and we all will be happier in the end.

Have a wonderful Merry Christmas!!!!  Monica

Peaceful no stress tree

Merry Christmas!




I want to wish you a very Happy Holiday.   Music IS the spice of life and at this time of year we celebrate through traditional Christmas songs we all  know like “Silent Night”, “Little Town of Bethlehem”, “Away in a Manger”, “We Three Kings”, “Hark the Herald Angels Sing”, “Joy to the World”, “O Come All Ye Faithful” for a lighter  mood there’s “Holly Jolly Christmas”, “Frosty the Snowman”, “I saw Mommie kissing Santa Claus”, “Jingle Bells” and “Rocking around the Christmas Tree”.  Then there are newer songs that have become popular recently like  “Do they know it’s Christmas”, “Grandma got run over by a Reindeer”, and one I really liked from Greg Lake called “I Believe in Father Christmas” check it out here

Does anyone know the meaning to the 12 Days of Christmas ? I do and it’s quite interesng.
Keep making music,

Great Halloween Hobby

You ever started a collection or hobby for a special season?   Well I did.  I have loved Barbies since I was a child and as I got older I started collecting Barbies but my favorite ones to collect are the Halloween Barbies, which is what I’ve continued to keep collecting.   Here are just a few of my most recent ones……….

Great Hobby

This could be a Great way to introduce a young girl into the wonderful world of Barbie and it wouldn’t be very expensive. The dolls range in price from ten to twenty dollars.  Not like the holiday collection which is about fourty. And the Halloween dolls have a smaller package less space needed if you want to keep it in the box for collecting. Just keep in mind that there could be more than one each year sometimes they are made exclusive for stores. Example picture one here is made for Target.

Happy Halloween,  Monica 

Halloween is the Coolest Day we celebrate

I love Halloween! It’s by far the coolest Holiday of the year. It’s filled with monsters, ghosts, witches, candy, pumpkins and all sorts of spookie stuff….  This month I want to devote to Halloween so if there is anything you want to add, tell me.  or maybe share you’re best memory of Halloween.   I’ll start by telling you one of mine.  I remember when I was a teenager I got dressed as Alice Cooper with the black makeup all over my eyes. Well, when my brother who was in his highchair saw me he immediately started crying.  Hey, I got to scare someone even before I went out Trick or Treating.   

Happy Halloween,  Monica 

Do You Have a Favorite Family Tradition????

Here’s one of our family traditions, cookies that my mom & I would make mainly for Christmas. At times my sisters and brother would join in and when my neice was old enough she’d help too. It’s made with homemade dough and set in the frig at least overnight. BUT the filling we use is what makes this special. It’s called Prune Butter or Lekvar and when I was a child this “special” filling was only available at the import store.  You can use other fillings to such as nut, poppy seed, or even other jams, but do not use one that is too thin or it will ooze out while baking. Here’s how our cookies look when done.

Makes me think of the holidays when I was a child


Happy family time


Childhood taste — how much has yours changed????

When I was in my early teens my musical taste was pretty bland. I only listened to a few artists: The Osmond Brothers, The Partridge Family, the Rolling Stones, The Beatles, David Bowie & The Who—Pretty lame! It was my younger brother Gary who was only five at the time saw a commercial advertising a KISS concert and decided he liked them. So I wanted to hear the music, too, and “Rock & Roll Over” was the current album out. I bought it and we listened to it. That album opened the door for me expanding my realm of artists. And with the birth of MTV more artists we able to be seen as well as heard.

As a young lady I saw these bands regularly on MTV and was hooked. Motley Crue was the first to catch my eye wearing leather, makeup and lots of hair; it was very visually appealing.

People that I had never heard of I started listening to. And to this day my taste has not changed my passion is still Rock music, from what is considered Pop, or soft rock, to Heavy metal. If growing up means giving up my music then I vow never to grow up..

Happy listening,