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Bored? Try a new style of book where a game is hidden throughout the text.

  • On April 1, 2020 The ebook of “Humanizing the Jaguar” will be FREE to download on Amazon. This might help to pass some time since we’re all staying inside now. If there are several people in the house it could be a game to see who can find the most clues.
  • I’m trying to do a little something for anyone who feels bored and does want to try something different. Enjoy!
Humanizing the Jaguar

Thanks Monica. And stay well everyone

What the PUG?

For all you PUG lovers (& dog lovers too) isn’t this mug just so cute?

Don’t think any other breed would work

what’s in the cup?

now doesn’t he look like he’s up to something?

Let me know if you can think of any other breed this MUG would work for….. keep rocking Monica

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My most Unusual Music Hobby Part 4

As promised here is the final step to my most unusual music hobby.    For over 30 years I have kept a hand written journal next to my stereo where I write down everything I listen to each day.   That’s right Everything!!   But it has to be something in my personal collection.   In order to explain it better I have some photos of my journals.  I use small 5 subject notebooks (9.5 x 6) one lasts me for years.  Here is how I write the listing.  Also keep in mind this all gets typed into a database.  The fields I use are Day, Date, Position, Artist, Title, Info


Journals and binders

Page from Journal

Music stuff

If you look close enough you will see I also include the format it was on CD, LP, if listened to in the car, used headphones etc. All this extra information is what makes my hobby so unique.  I can tell you exactly what I listened to, when I listened to it and how many times.   Don’t you agree this qualifies for a Ripley’s Believe it or Not spot?  If you think so please tell Ripley’s.   I am telling all music fans about my hobby.  Music is so important and should not be taken for granted because one day (could be sooner then we think) there will be a shortage of new music since so many listeners don’t support the artists anymore.  I may be from the old school but I like to hold the physical copy in my hand.  I don’t want my music only available to me on a cloud in cyberspace.  It’s ok as a convenience but I still want the real thing.  And my hobby is best done by listening to the entire album or by sides.  Let’s remember Ozzy’s words “Rock and roll is my religion and law”  I truly follow that by giving each album in my collection its fair share of plays and wouldn’t dream of buying only the single.

Me with some of my music collection

My Most Unusal Music Hobby Part 3

Hi readers
Sorry for the long gap in segments but I’ve been busy with health & family problems. Hopefully things are on the mend and I can get back to posting.
Here is the third step in my most unusual music hobby. I have two more databases one titled Artist where the fields are: name/singer/guitar1/guitar2/drummer/base player etc. you can put whatever you want here I also include how many LP’s I have and former members.
The next one is a Video database which is out dated or old school. I used to record tons of music videos from MTV. This is a very basic database with a few fields : Artist / Title / type of music
Music videos bring back so many warm happy memories of my early working days. I lived at home and had the ideal job that was within walking distance. I’d come home at lunchtime for a quick bite, race to my room and anxiously wait to catch a Journey video which was common at that time. It made going back to work so much better after seeing Steve Perry. I bought my first VCR purposely to record music videos. I’m very impatient and didn’t like waiting for a video to be shown so I started recording all the time. It didn’t take long for a pile of tapes to stack up. Each tape only had a handful of videos I wanted to save. So I eventually went and bought a second machine to copy the videos onto their one tapes by type of music. It’s a shame that artists today don’t make videos much anymore.
I’ve gone off track here just remember these steps are up to whoever is doing this hobby with their own fields/information.
Hope you found this interesting— the next one WILL blow you away……..!!!!!
Keep on rocking, Monica

Most Unusual Music Hobby Part 2

Here’s Step TWO

After you purchased the CD and entered all the info in the LP Database you are now ready to Create a Songs database.   This one is very easy to label I use only four columns (fields) titled  Artist/ LP name/ Song position/  Song title  Example of how it would look:

Osbourne Ozzy   2010-Scream     1.4   Life won’t die

Osbourne Ozzy   2010-Scream     2.1   Crucify

You probably are wondering what in the world the reason for the position column? I assign a number to each song as if the CD were divided in sides like it was when music came on vinyl or cassettes. So Life won’t die is the fourth song on side one and Crucify is the first song on side two. This information is needed later on as you will see if you continue to follow me.

Keep on rocking and following my hobby


Most Unusual Music Hobby

WELCOME FELLOW READERS (AND MUSIC LOVERS)  I AM DOING A SEGMENT EXPLAINING MY MOST UNUSUAL MUSIC HOBBY!  I encourage all MUSIC fans to consider taking this up.  This hobby is very different and so much more than your average record keeping. Anyone can do it. All you need is a love for music and a desire to organize.  There are several steps so please have a little patience and you will be amazed.

In this installment I will explain the first step of my hobby.

Step one is to create a database for LP’s, CD’s or in today’s marketplace downloads of what you own. This works using the entire CD and not for single songs as you will see.

The database is laid out in rows that are titled

Name of artist/ Name of LP/ When bought/ Where bought/ Price/ Lyrics/ Format    or whatever you want to include

This is pretty self-explanatory. I started out typing these on index cards and filed them alphabetically by artist. But putting this into a computer is much easier and faster at sorting the information however it’s asked for.

Here’s a sample of my LP database

Keep on listening to the music & please follow me with more steps,    Monica