Disapperaring Wonderword Game


Have you ever enjoyed a puzzle in the newspaper? 

I have and when I moved the newspaper from NJ here to Bristol VA, the paper didn’t print it. It’s called “Wonderword”.  This is a great search a word puzzle. For those of you who are not familiar, it has a different twist where the letters are to be individually circled and the remaining letters will spell out the answer.

I was so happy that, after a few months, I found it in the mall at one of the calendar stands as a “Page a day calendar” for the upcoming year.

I was able to find it this way for two years but this year I couldn’t find it anywhere—not at the specialty calendar stands, not even online.  I called the company and of course, it was discontinued. However, it’s on the Wonderword website, which only gives two puzzles a week.  Heck that’s better than nothing! 

So has this ever happened with something you like?  I’m sure we all have experienced something like this with various products or services we’ve come to enjoy and BAM, one day it’s gone!  How many times have I been disappointed in TV shows I’ve started watching and then get cancelled?  

Happy gaming,

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