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Free ebook July 29-30th

Humanizing the Jaguar

Free Ebook promotion of “Humanizing the Jaguar” on July 29-30, 2013 on I urge you to get your download and please review. It would be appreciated. Tell your friends, family anyone you might know that likes to read. The story is about a young boy who grows up to find success in the music business. But his cockiness finds him in a precarious situation that he can only get out of with help from an unexpected friend. Packed with suspense, drama and a music theme and as an added BONUS a music game is hidden throughout the text. Take the challenge IF you dare! I’ll be looking forward to comments.
Thank you & happy reading, Monica

HAPPY 2013!!!!!

Saw this picture and it reminded me of my favorite game which is Scrabble for those of you who have not seen my older posts. And my brother even gave me a really cute Scrabble mug for Christmas. My motto is “Have game will travel” I keep it in the car. LOL. And another favorite our pets here’s a really cute dog all dressed up for the New Year celebration!

really cute

Have a Happy and Healthy 2013 eveyone,

Halloween Puzzle

Halloween puzzle Haunted house

Puzzle is done








Our odd shaped Halloween puzzle is DONE!!!!  Only took us a few nights.  It was a good time for us getting to put the puzzle together, listen to some music and of course the company.   Thanks Michelle and Linda for the help. 

Happy puzzling,

Halloween Puzzle

Halloween puzzle

Here’s our progress so far. Once again just a few hours and a few more CD’s and we are about half way done. 

Happy puzzling,

Halloween puzzle

Haunted house puzzle


So here’s what it looks like after our first week working for a few hours and a few CD’s   not bad.. 

Happy puzzling,

Halloween Fun

Here’s a puzzle that my friends and I are going to be working on this month.  It’s a Halloween puzzle that is uniquely shaped and looks pretty difficult but we’ll see about that.  So here is what the box looks like and I’ll be keeping you posted with more pictures as to our progress.

Happy Halloween,  MonicaHalloween Haunted house puzzle

Bristol Rhythm & Roots

It’s that time again where Bristol TN/VA gets to have another BIG music event with 24 stages. A 5K Road Race, 2mi Fun Walk, a Chili Cook Off just to mention a few. And don’t forget about all the different things to eat, crafts, unique shopping and fun activies. This all starts on Sept, 14 for a BIG 3 Day Weekend here in Bristol. Rhythm and Roots.                Everybody enjoy, Monica

Photo credit Justin Wiseman


FUN things to do in Bristol on State St

I was recently asked, What are some of the most fun thing you have done in Bristol? To be honest I really had to think about that. There is all the usual stuff to do like go to the movies, dine out and go shopping.
Right here on State St there is The Boarder Bash that happens throughout the summer  St with live music, lots of food and games.  It’s a nice gathering mostly of local people who want a night out. There is also live music held in the Farmers market area on Tueday & Thursday (or one could go to the Bristol Mall for live music also on Thursday) but keep in mind this area is all about county music and bluegrass. So if you’re into rock it doesn’t happen often they do offer four concerts throughout the season on the Tuesday & Thursday line up on State St so check it out.
And to end the summer season here on State St they have Rhythm and Roots where the entire section of State St from the Guitar to the Sign are blocked off and everyone has a grand time for the weekend, enjoying the activies on a larger scale. Maybe we’ll see each other there.

Happy sight-seeing

Disapperaring Wonderword Game


Have you ever enjoyed a puzzle in the newspaper? 

I have and when I moved the newspaper from NJ here to Bristol VA, the paper didn’t print it. It’s called “Wonderword”.  This is a great search a word puzzle. For those of you who are not familiar, it has a different twist where the letters are to be individually circled and the remaining letters will spell out the answer.

I was so happy that, after a few months, I found it in the mall at one of the calendar stands as a “Page a day calendar” for the upcoming year.

I was able to find it this way for two years but this year I couldn’t find it anywhere—not at the specialty calendar stands, not even online.  I called the company and of course, it was discontinued. However, it’s on the Wonderword website, which only gives two puzzles a week.  Heck that’s better than nothing! 

So has this ever happened with something you like?  I’m sure we all have experienced something like this with various products or services we’ve come to enjoy and BAM, one day it’s gone!  How many times have I been disappointed in TV shows I’ve started watching and then get cancelled?  

Happy gaming,


Scrabble and Friends

Do you have a favorite board game? My favorite is Scrabble. I tell people in jest all the time that I “have game, will travel.” This is a good way to make it light and hope someone gets the hint to play a game with me. It doesn’t matter what level they play at since most of it depends mainly on two factors; the tiles you pick and how well you place the tiles on the extra point squares.

I am not that great a speller yet I find the game fun and challenging. My friend Michelle & I get to play a game or two pretty often and I enjoy it even though the odds are against me winning It’s about 80-20 me being the 20%. I say don’t let Scrabble intimidate you. Have fun playing a game and enjoying a friend’s company