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Happy Thanksgiving

Just want to wish everyone a Happy Thanksgiving.   Here are some fun facts that I came across about Thanksgiving.

The first Thanksgiving dinner in 1621 with the English settlers and the Wampanoag Indians bears little resemblance to our current celebration. Did they feast on turkey? Yes, along with other plentiful fowl and waterfowl. But after that, things get a bit fuzzy. Cranberries weren’t used as a sauce alongside meat for another 50 years.  And there was no pumpkin pie at that time either.   I can’t imagine not having pumpkin pie on Thanksgiving.

Sarah Hale, a 19th  century women’s advocate lobbied ceaselessly for a national day of thanks, publishing many editorials urging several presidents to nationalize Thanksgiving. Finally in 1863 President Abraham Lincoln proclaimed Thanksgiving a national holiday to be held on the last Thursday every November.

More common staples of this holiday are Parades and contrary to popular belief it was not Macy’s in New York City but Gimbels department store of Philadelphia, PA that produced the first-ever Thanksgiving Day parade. The massive balloons are the biggest attraction needing thousands of volunteers to control.

Football has also become attached to this holiday where two Ivy League teams battled for the championship in the sports infancy back in 1876 and had become tradition ever since. But nothing out ranks the Detroit Lions Turkey day games, which began in 1934.

So will you be watching the games or parades or stuck in the kitchen cooking?  However you spend your day this Thanksgiving just remember to give thanks for that is the “true” reason this holiday was created.

To everyone A very Happy Thanksgiving,  Monica

very tempting

Made in America

    Sometimes all it takes is a few minutes to   make a good choice.  This bagged lettuce was made by the local store here and states  it’s 100% USA made where as the major name brand (DOLE) has the same product but it’s not 100% made in USA. Who wants foreign countries produce when we can get our own?  If more than one place is listed who knows what percentage is made here? Another product is the Green Giant frozen veggies in a bag they are a USA product yet for some reason the frozen veggies in a box are from Mexico. Why?

From now on I’m going to be checking to see where the food is from.  I hope more people will take a minute while food shopping to look at the label, for health and to support our USA food producers.

Keep healthy,

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