Here’s to all us Pet (animal) people


My pets are my babies. My very first dog was a Chihuahua mix she was white with long hair and I named her Candy. When Candy was about twelve I got a second little Chihuahua mix that was mostly white with some black and I named her Muffin. The two never got that close because of the age difference. Both were good dogs but Muffin was extra sweet. Candy died at fourteen. I got another dog that was a Chihuahua but this time a full breed. I was adamant not to name her after food. Her name is Lea. Muffin and Lea knew each other but not for long. Muffin died at ten years olds almost on her birthday. Now Lea is my oldest, smallest, and cutest of the bunch. Since she is the only female; she is the most spoiled.

My next two came into the family by chance. First came Tiny, a Chihuahua mix, who now weighs twenty-six pounds. His other half is a mystery. He was a neighbor’s dog years ago who was neglected and abused, and when they moved they no longer wanted him. They showed up on my doorstep on Thanksgiving day and asked me IF I wanted him. I felt bad for him and said yes. He’s really a good dog, just when I first got him he showed his teeth a lot, because of his history with people. Once he got used to me he was fine. Then came Frankie who started out as my niece‘s dog. She couldn’t keep him due to her apartment changing the lease and needed to find him a home. Auntie offered to adopt him. This one is a Pug named after the Pug in Men In Black. He’s like a bull in a china shop; not graceful at all. He’s a handful most days but when he looks at me with those big brown bulgy eyes, I can’t stay mad at him very long.

These are my canine babies I also have two felines but that is another story…
Happy pets







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