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Happy New Year

What is your New Year resolution?  It seems that each year we all make one or more resolutions but how many of us keep them?  The more popular ones are to lose weight, quit smoking, get a better job, save money, get fit and the list goes on.  SO did you make any of these or did you have something original?   And did you keep it?

I can honestly say that I’ve kept my resolution for the past year (one at least) and that was to listen to more “older” music.  So I dusted off the LPS and Cassette tapes and have done that. IF you ever do this it’s almost like listening to NEW music since some of these albums haven’t been played in years and mainly only the hit songs stand out.

Is anyone willing to share any resolutions for this year?

In a follow up post I will tell you what mine is for 2014 it’s something  extremely different…….. and I will need YOUR help to accomplish it……

A GREAT, Wonderful, Happy and Healthy 2014 to Everyone!!!!!!   Monica

Pug New Year

Merry Christmas!!!!!!





What Can I say about Christmas that hasn’t been said before?

It’s a holiday where we should give thanks for the wonderful people in our lives and not about the gifts.   Over the years the true meaning of Christmas has faded farther into the back round, just take a look at the stores and how fast they go from Halloween directly to Christmas with Thanksgiving practically passed by.    Just imagine for a few moments WHAT would happen if we  ALL decided that on Christmas we were going to only BUY each person on our list ONE gift. Wouldn’t that make that one gift mean more? And it wouldn’t have to be something expensive just personal.   Other gifts we could give are things we can make, bake or  spending time with our loved ones.  These kinds of gifts that can’t be bought are the ones most valuable.   Let’s remember the TRUE/REAL meaning of this holiday and we all will be happier in the end.

Have a wonderful Merry Christmas!!!!  Monica

Peaceful no stress tree

Happy Thanksgiving

Just want to wish everyone a Happy Thanksgiving.   Here are some fun facts that I came across about Thanksgiving.

The first Thanksgiving dinner in 1621 with the English settlers and the Wampanoag Indians bears little resemblance to our current celebration. Did they feast on turkey? Yes, along with other plentiful fowl and waterfowl. But after that, things get a bit fuzzy. Cranberries weren’t used as a sauce alongside meat for another 50 years.  And there was no pumpkin pie at that time either.   I can’t imagine not having pumpkin pie on Thanksgiving.

Sarah Hale, a 19th  century women’s advocate lobbied ceaselessly for a national day of thanks, publishing many editorials urging several presidents to nationalize Thanksgiving. Finally in 1863 President Abraham Lincoln proclaimed Thanksgiving a national holiday to be held on the last Thursday every November.

More common staples of this holiday are Parades and contrary to popular belief it was not Macy’s in New York City but Gimbels department store of Philadelphia, PA that produced the first-ever Thanksgiving Day parade. The massive balloons are the biggest attraction needing thousands of volunteers to control.

Football has also become attached to this holiday where two Ivy League teams battled for the championship in the sports infancy back in 1876 and had become tradition ever since. But nothing out ranks the Detroit Lions Turkey day games, which began in 1934.

So will you be watching the games or parades or stuck in the kitchen cooking?  However you spend your day this Thanksgiving just remember to give thanks for that is the “true” reason this holiday was created.

To everyone A very Happy Thanksgiving,  Monica

very tempting

Heartburn relief the Natural way Update


Aloe Vera Juice Gallon size


This is a follow up to my post on the Fruit of the Earth Aloe Vera Juice.  Just to let you know that IF you have been using this juice it also comes in flavors in the Gallon size.  Don’t let the store tell you they can’t get it because the company EOTE who makes and carries it says they can.  Trust me the Wild berry flavor is so much better then the original.  I don’t have to mix this with anything and it doesn’t have a bad taste. I haven’t tired the Hibiscus Cranberry yet but have it on standby for the next time and there is also an Herbal flavor.   This juice helps and I was also told that adding digestive enzymes also helps so I’ve added that to my routine. I am willing to try anything that is natural.    So if you have an experience with natural products please share.  Keep on staying healthy,   Monica

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I recently posted on some heavy issues now it’s time for some fun.  I want to wish everyone a very Happy Halloween!!!

Halloween and TV do mix; this is one time of year we get a lot of great shows to watch that have a spooky theme. One favorite Friday night show returns on Oct 25th GRIMM.

Grimm Great show

If you haven’t watched it you should   and a new show follows it called Dracula which looks good.  But don’t forget all the other classics Supernatural, Vampire Diaries, Walking Dead, Sleepy Hallow (new) and Witches (new). Not to mention all the movies that are shown this time of year makes for some enjoyable TV watching.   Who can ever get tired of the great horror movies like Freddie? Or Final Destination or anything done by Steven King or Wes Craven?   How about some humor mixed in with “Warm Bodies” cute one.  But whatever your taste this is a GREAT month for TV and the Movies. The remake of the classic “Carrie” should be good. So keep on watching and HAPPY HALLOWEEN!!!!!     Monica

cute Halloween cat

Marketplace Fairness and Obamacare what next?

We ALL should be concerned with what is going on with our Government. Little by little we are losing the Freedoms this great country was founded on. I’m sure you can see it just as I do.

 I personally am concerned with two issues that are out in the open recently due to deadlines etc. One might not view the  The Marketplace Fairness Act as something important but if passed it’s consequences on our economy will be huge.  One company I support not only for their product but also truthfulness is Swanson Vitamin Company, they explain how this Marketplace Fairness Act will affect our online buying if it gets passed.

To be honest I like most don’t know exactly what will happen with the new  Health Care but when our Elected Officials opt out of it that to me is a RED FLAG! And the fact they want to impose a fine if people don’t get it. Where is our Freedom of choice here.  Those two points alone make me question it.

 Of course we all have our concerns but what ever yours are now is the time to get active.  With so many questions and not enough answers we need to educate ourselves, get involved, do research and in the end VOICE our opinions.  

 Also go to where you will find your state representatives and write them let them know if you are satisfied or not with their performance.  Remember IF we the people are NOT happy with how they are doing their job WE CAN VOTE them out next time.

Let’s keep our government for the people, Monica

The Fair Marketplace Bill

Who is it really fair to?  Business, The States or the Consumer that is the BIG question?

We all know that any time there is a bill brought before government it’s something that the politicians have introduced/or supported because it favors them.  Well, I feel this bill is no different after reading up on the subject. This is just another way for government to unfairly squeeze more money from the American public.

This would create a burden on small retailers who (according to this bill) would have to track and collect taxes from out-of-state online purchases and remit the monies yearly to each state. As the law was written ONLY businesses with a physical presence in the state needs to collect taxes from same state sales! Our fore fathers had so much more wisdom than we give them credit for; that by using such wording the point of sale is where the merchandise originates and NOT where it will be used.  If such a tax law is sought it needs to be uniform!  Is it Point of sale or point where used that determines  the tax?  WHY can’t The Senate see that?  Apparently the House of Representatives is more reasonable. As of May 2013 they have stalled this bill hopefully for good. They MUST be able to see the ramifications this flip flop bill would have. Do we really want to open up Pandora’s Box? IF ALL brick and mortar retailers were forced to ask their customer’s to show ID and collect tax by residence in order to charge such states sales tax, Would they be so willing to see this bill passed?  I THINK NOT!!!!!!!

I hope that this bill is permanently put to rest! And that business and consumer can shop in peace online.  REMEMBER when it’s time to vote that Our House of Representatives is supporting the people and have so far decided NOT to support this bill.  BUT the Senate passed it with flying colors. The HOUSE knows — for the people by the people — and they are listening.   

keep on being informed & get involved,

here are some more interesting links state of MontanaA lot wrong with Fair Marketplace bill, Bob Goodlatte,  and one last thought is that Amazon should be LOBBING WASHINGTON to clarify what “Physical Presence” means.  Again when this was written there was no concern for internet/mail order sales.  Since they are an online ONLY retailer this law should not include them they are only a warehouse and do not sell directly to the customer.

Meeting POP EVIL

Can you believe Pop Evil knows about my book?

As fate would have it, while on vacation in WI, I was presented with a rare opportunity to attend a POP EVIL show. I hurried to get my ticket the night before to guarantee I’d get in and boy was I surprised the next night. I not only got to see POP EVIL but I was among the first few fans to get a meet and greet with the band.  The guys were wonderful as they greeted the row of fans that were awaiting them. They each signed our CD’s, posters, shook hands, gave hugs and made an effort to say something to each fan but the most memorable part for me was having my picture taken with the band. This was something we’d all have as a special memory forever.

And even more so for me since I was also able to hand them my information about a book I wrote that has a music theme. They were very supportive and showed interest. It meant the world to me that finally musicians would know about it. After all that is who I dedicated the book to.  I hope that POP EVIL finds the time in their busy schedule to read it. But as you can see when I saw the picture up close I realized that  Matt was holding my card. That small gesture made this experience even more exciting and personal for me.

POP EVIL put on a great, high energy show that evening giving the fans a mix of new and older material. And the smaller venue made the show more intimate. The band was super cool and told the fans to stick around after the show cause they were going to hang out.  They really are a nice group of young men and IF they are in your area by all means go check them out.  You won’t be disappointed.     
Keep on rockin, Monica
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Free TV

Do you ever wonder HOW TV evolved into

Remember when

this monster that we have to pay so much for every month? I remember cable TV coming into our area back in the very early 80’s. At the time my parents were not keen about having a hole drilled into the house or the part of paying an extra monthly bill. So they told me IF I wanted to have the cable TV I’d have to pay for it. I was more than willing since I was working and MTV was on the list of channels which was a priority for me. I was so thrilled and excited, we got 2 outlets one in the living room and the other my bedroom. I remember coming home for lunch and rushing upstairs with only a can of slimfast, and turn on MTV most times I could count on seeing a Journey video before heading back to work. I was in my late teens and this was a whole new way to watch TV less ads, a clearer picture and many more choices, many nights I stayed up wee hours in the morning. Keep on Watching, Monica
PS more to follow

Heartburn GERD

natures wonder

I am not a doctor but recently I decided that with all the information on the internet about heartburn, acid reflux, GERD that taking ANY drug prescribed or over the counter is not good, it only masks the problem not help to cure it.  And in turn creates more problems.  After reading this I stopped taking the Purple pill, Tums etc. which I had been on for many years and tried going natural.    The first 3 weeks were torture  I felt as if my chest was on fire and even got sick a few times. But with perseverance I can now say I am off all heartburn suppressants and am using something natural called Aloe Vera juice.  Many are familiar with aloe as a cream or ointment  not something to drink. This has helped me.  But if I had talked with my doctor first he would have recommended that I wean off of the medicine so then I wouldn’t have suffered so much those first weeks.    I am glad I did this for my health since we need stomach acid to digest our foods properly  and get the nutrients we need from them.  Going this route might not be for everyone but you may want to consider trying this.       Go natural,    Monica