The Fair Marketplace Bill

Who is it really fair to?  Business, The States or the Consumer that is the BIG question?

We all know that any time there is a bill brought before government it’s something that the politicians have introduced/or supported because it favors them.  Well, I feel this bill is no different after reading up on the subject. This is just another way for government to unfairly squeeze more money from the American public.

This would create a burden on small retailers who (according to this bill) would have to track and collect taxes from out-of-state online purchases and remit the monies yearly to each state. As the law was written ONLY businesses with a physical presence in the state needs to collect taxes from same state sales! Our fore fathers had so much more wisdom than we give them credit for; that by using such wording the point of sale is where the merchandise originates and NOT where it will be used.  If such a tax law is sought it needs to be uniform!  Is it Point of sale or point where used that determines  the tax?  WHY can’t The Senate see that?  Apparently the House of Representatives is more reasonable. As of May 2013 they have stalled this bill hopefully for good. They MUST be able to see the ramifications this flip flop bill would have. Do we really want to open up Pandora’s Box? IF ALL brick and mortar retailers were forced to ask their customer’s to show ID and collect tax by residence in order to charge such states sales tax, Would they be so willing to see this bill passed?  I THINK NOT!!!!!!!

I hope that this bill is permanently put to rest! And that business and consumer can shop in peace online.  REMEMBER when it’s time to vote that Our House of Representatives is supporting the people and have so far decided NOT to support this bill.  BUT the Senate passed it with flying colors. The HOUSE knows — for the people by the people — and they are listening.   

keep on being informed & get involved,

here are some more interesting links state of MontanaA lot wrong with Fair Marketplace bill, Bob Goodlatte,  and one last thought is that Amazon should be LOBBING WASHINGTON to clarify what “Physical Presence” means.  Again when this was written there was no concern for internet/mail order sales.  Since they are an online ONLY retailer this law should not include them they are only a warehouse and do not sell directly to the customer.

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