Heartburn relief the Natural way Update


Aloe Vera Juice Gallon size


This is a follow up to my post on the Fruit of the Earth Aloe Vera Juice.  Just to let you know that IF you have been using this juice it also comes in flavors in the Gallon size.  Don’t let the store tell you they can’t get it because the company EOTE who makes and carries it says they can.  Trust me the Wild berry flavor is so much better then the original.  I don’t have to mix this with anything and it doesn’t have a bad taste. I haven’t tired the Hibiscus Cranberry yet but have it on standby for the next time and there is also an Herbal flavor.   This juice helps and I was also told that adding digestive enzymes also helps so I’ve added that to my routine. I am willing to try anything that is natural.    So if you have an experience with natural products please share.  Keep on staying healthy,   Monica

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