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Don’t We All HATE waiting in lines!!!

pretty stressful
How many people HATE waiting? It’s been documented that we spend years waiting in lines. I especially get annoyed when I start my day early and tackle my do list of weekly chores, such as food shopping and breeze through the store only to be stuck in line because the computer went down. Now I’m a few people deep in the line, so do I ditch the groceries or wait it out and possibly be late for my doctor’s appointment causing them to reschedule me? Just when I thought I was doing good on time this sets me back. And I will still need to stop home and put the cold items away. This can be most frustrating. We are so dependant on computers that when they stop it sure does make life come to a stand still.
But some things are worth waiting for, such as special planned vacations, a holiday, milestones of family or oneself such as graduations, birthdays, weddings, a special show, a concert; lots of good stuff to look forward to. But all in all I think we all feel waiting in line is a waste of ones time.
why do they look happy?

Happy waiting in lines (just joking)


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