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Halloween favorites

Here are a lot of the things that make us think of Halloween.

Classic image


  pumpkins, witches., haunted houses, black cats, bats, candy corn, vampires, blood and all things creepy,but here are some not so creepy pictures.

who could be afraid of these cute ghosts

Is this cake or candy?

Isn’t this one sexy witch?


Cute Halloween cat


 Who could ever be afraid of this little kitty?   and here are my babies and me all dressed up

Tiny dressed up


and my silly Pug Frankie



Me as guess who



Halloween Puzzle

Halloween puzzle Haunted house

Puzzle is done








Our odd shaped Halloween puzzle is DONE!!!!  Only took us a few nights.  It was a good time for us getting to put the puzzle together, listen to some music and of course the company.   Thanks Michelle and Linda for the help. 

Happy puzzling,

Halloween Puzzle

Halloween puzzle

Here’s our progress so far. Once again just a few hours and a few more CD’s and we are about half way done. 

Happy puzzling,

Halloween puzzle

Haunted house puzzle


So here’s what it looks like after our first week working for a few hours and a few CD’s   not bad.. 

Happy puzzling,

Halloween Fun

Here’s a puzzle that my friends and I are going to be working on this month.  It’s a Halloween puzzle that is uniquely shaped and looks pretty difficult but we’ll see about that.  So here is what the box looks like and I’ll be keeping you posted with more pictures as to our progress.

Happy Halloween,  MonicaHalloween Haunted house puzzle

Halloween is the Coolest Day we celebrate

I love Halloween! It’s by far the coolest Holiday of the year. It’s filled with monsters, ghosts, witches, candy, pumpkins and all sorts of spookie stuff….  This month I want to devote to Halloween so if there is anything you want to add, tell me.  or maybe share you’re best memory of Halloween.   I’ll start by telling you one of mine.  I remember when I was a teenager I got dressed as Alice Cooper with the black makeup all over my eyes. Well, when my brother who was in his highchair saw me he immediately started crying.  Hey, I got to scare someone even before I went out Trick or Treating.   

Happy Halloween,  Monica