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Everyone loves to eat different foods and talk about them as well. Going out to eat is always a crowd pleaser.  My parents used to make it a Saturday night ritual looking at that as their vacation since they didn’t take one.  And I’m following in the tradition, most weekends I go out with my friend Michelle. It seems the hardest part is deciding which place to pick.   Both of us are big on “cheese and tomato sauce” you could say we are partial to Italian cuisine the pizza, pasta, and parmesan dishes; all make great eating. Sometimes it’s Chinese take out, a burger or sandwiches. Here in the Tri-cities the place for a great pulled pork sandwich is “Hot Dog It”. The taste is excellent and the sandwich large and filling.  If you want a salad I would recommend Mad Greek’s grilled chicken salad with house dressing.  Once you have their’s you probably won’t order it anyplace else.

Why not share some of your favorite foods/food places with us?  Maybe you agree or you could give us some new places to visit.    Are these pictures making you hungry?
Happy eating out!!
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