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Here’s to all Pet (animal) people part 2

Please turn off the lights
My feline babies started with my very first cat, an orange tabby that I got while I had Muffin. I wanted him to stand out so I named him Ozzy. Yes, after Ozzy Osbourne. I got him from a neighbor whose cat had kittens. He was a sweet cat and reminded me of a dog because he would come when called. I also had my sister’s cat Missy, who literally was a bitch, very antisocial. She stayed in my basement and only came around when she wanted. Then I decided I wanted another cat so I went to the shelter and this cute gray kitten caught my eye. I knew I found a new baby to bring home. I decided my cats were going to be named after musicians. Therefore, this cat was named Manson, but he mostly is called baby cat. Him and Ozzy became friends and would hang on the windowsill like bookends. By the time Missy finally started coming around she got sick and I had her put down. At this time I had the two dogs Lea & Tiny and the two cats Ozzy & Manson. Then there was a stray cat that kept coming around my back yard. I felt sorry for it so I’d put food and water out and this went on for a few months. I really thought it would get run over since I lived in a busy city back then. It didn’t take me long to bring him in the house. I joke and tell people I cat-napped him. And yes it turned out it was a male. Again I got to pick a cool name, this tan/orange color cat I call Geddy, after the singer for Rush, Geddy Lee. Not long after I got Geddy, my Ozzy got sick and I had to put him down. For a short while I had just the two dogs and two cats until the Pug came along.

So that’s my story of how I got all my babies….

Happy pets,