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MAMA movie

Has anyone seen the New Movie MAMA yet?   I have and I’ll tell you a little about what I thought.

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It starts out where the father Jeffrey kills his wife and takes his girls who are only 1 and 3 on a wild car ride through snow covered roads. Of course, they slide off the road and find an abandoned cabin. They just got into the cabin when MAMA makes her first shadowy appearance, as she stops Jeffrey from harming the girls. This was good, getting some ghostly action so soon.  It then jumps ahead five years when the girls are discovered and reunited with their uncle (who by the way is the same actor as the father). He and his girlfriend take them in. The girls are then placed under a doctor’s supervision and taught how to fit into society again.  At first the adults believe MAMA is all a product of the older girl Victoria’s imagination. However, they soon learn that MAMA is real!!

Overall, I thought it was done well especially for a PG13 film.  It held my interest but I have to say when it got to the end I was disappointed.  I won‘t give it away but it didn‘t make much sense.  It should have had a better plot.  However, for fans of horror, suspense or special effects I would say give this one a go.  It’s really not that bad.  C+

The BEST aspect of this film was the two girls acting. They were very convincing and played their parts well. There were times throughout the film that I was totally amazed at how well the girls portrayed being animalistic, especially Lilly (Isabelle Nelisse) watch the trailer and see for yourself how she crawls around on the floor on all fours, her expressions, and grunts, she’s so young, so believable. I’m sure we will be seeing both of these girls in more films.

Great little actors

Keep watching the movies,  Monica