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Free ebook July 29-30th

Humanizing the Jaguar

Free Ebook promotion of “Humanizing the Jaguar” on July 29-30, 2013 on I urge you to get your download and please review. It would be appreciated. Tell your friends, family anyone you might know that likes to read. The story is about a young boy who grows up to find success in the music business. But his cockiness finds him in a precarious situation that he can only get out of with help from an unexpected friend. Packed with suspense, drama and a music theme and as an added BONUS a music game is hidden throughout the text. Take the challenge IF you dare! I’ll be looking forward to comments.
Thank you & happy reading, Monica

Pets and loss

Last picture taken with my Tiny

Some people don’t realize how important a pet can become. I remember when Tiny first came to live with me it was on a Thanksgiving day when his then owners knocked on my door telling me they were moving and couldn’t take him. These people had mistreated him and I quickly jumped at the chance to take Tiny in to show him a better life. It took him a little while to get used to me and my other pets but he adjusted fairly quickly.  He made the big move with me to VA but only after a few months he was diagnosed with sugar. My dad often would say that he wouldn’t last long but for an animal he lasted 3 and 1/2 years which is pretty long. He didn’t give me any trouble giving him those shots either somehow he sensed I was only trying to help him.  And even those last few weeks when the vet was giving him several more shots he understood.

Today marks one week since Tiny passed and I know my dogs Lea & Frankie must be missing Tiny to cause they are very quiet and lying around more than usual.  Frankie still looks for Tiny when he goes outside. But the cats I’m not so sure about.

Last picture of all the dogs together

Last picture of all the dogs together

Even though saying good-bye is the hardest part of having a pet the time having them is well worth it. I also was fortunate to have a great Vet (Dr. Dotson) who helped make this easier on me and Tiny. He took special care of Tiny and was totally up front with me throughout Tiny’s illness, preparing me for the worst but still hopeful that he might have pulled through by using a different course of treatment. Which he did try. It’s nice to know that people like him still exist and are willing to put the pet’s welfare first.

Keep loving your pets,  Monica

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Now you see me

 It’s been some time since I did a movie review so here’s one.   If you haven’t seen this movie you should put this on your list.  It was interesting the whole way through, had an unexpected twist and popcorn was not needed to enjoy it like some movies.  It has a good cast especially a great actor like Morgan Freeman (who for some reason always gets a supporting role & not the lead) & Woody Harrelson (from Cheers who is one of the four main characters).  I don’t want to give anything away so I’ll stop here.   I’d give this 4 1/2 stars (out of five).         So tell us what you thought of this film.                         Keep on watching,  Monica

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Plant mystery? Do you know what this is?

Can anyone tell me what this plant is called?

This is such a  lovely plant. I’d really like to know what this is. My neighbor told me this plant only bloom once every three years which could be the reason I haven’t noticed them until this season. It’s a shame these flowers* don’t last-longer casue as you can see they are so eye-catching. I noticed they were only in bloom abnout 10 to 12 days and now only the green leaves* are left.

Please share what you think they could be so I can look it up and learn more about this plant.    

Purple plant mystery

Thanks so much and keep rockin, Monica

Would you ever believe this?

Can you believe this?

I have a little 16 pound dog who has been having coughing issues since the beginning of the year. Well first she was given medicine for a few weeks but when it didn’t work she was given another round but it didn’t go away. Took her back to the vet and it turns out she has a collapsed trachea and this inhaler is supposed to help.  We’ll see. I just got it this past week and of course she puts up a fight trying to use it. It has to be held over her snout while holding her and pressing the inhaler. Feel like I need 3 hands to do this.

Trying to use doggie inhaler

Inhaler next to my Lea

If anyone has ever used this or some other strange medicine for your pet please share
keep loving those pets,

Spring is beautiful

Beautiful Spring sight

So has Spring really sprung??  With the crazy weather we’ve been having throughout the country is it safe to say that?    Here in the Bristol VA/TN area it went below freezing back on May 22, 2002 so guess we’re not out of the woods just yet.   I love the spring it’s a time of renewal and to watch all the flowers and trees bloom and hear the cheerful sounds of the birds singing.  Do you like Spring?  If so please leave your thoughts tell us when it finally gets warm in your area …….  here’s some more pictures to enjoy  keep on rocking,  Monica

Nature at its best

dogs love spring too

Some Great Reviews

Last year’s event

Hey everyone just wanted to shout it out here that I’ve gotten some good reviews for my book “Humanizing the Jaguar”  and I will be part of Mountain Empire Comic Books weekend May4th here on 6th St in Bristol TN.  There will be many vendors so  Why not come out and have some fun if you’re in the area.  Lots to see and enjoy…

hope to see you

Keep rocking,   Monica

Pet Peeve

Broken spray bottle Why do the spray bottles on products always break before you get to finish it?   I don’t care if it’s a dollar store spray bottle or the expensive name brand it always happens.    Why can’t they get it right and make the sprayer last at least for the one bottle.   If by some miracle the sprayer is still working when the product is gone I save it in case it will fit on another bottle when this happens.  Notice I say when this happens because it will!  So what are some of our pet peeves??
Keep on rocking, 

The GREAT Debate!!

Here’s a cute topic for April Fool’s day.   The Great debate!   Are you over or under?     This debate has been a hot topic for years and one that seems to come up more from the toilet paper than the paper towels.   What’s your choice? Would love to hear from you just for fun….  How about it post comments on your choice.    Mine is  can you guess??????

Are you over?

Or are you under?

Keep on reading,  Monica


Car giveaway

Anyone for a new car?


Once again it’s time for the races at Bristol Motor Speedway. And they are giving away 10 Ford Mustangs. WOW what a prize. OK people tell everyone if that has been the main reason for going this year? (all possible winners need to be present to win) I’m sure this makes no difference to the true race fan but it can’t hurt either, right?

Keep racing,