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    Sometimes all it takes is a few minutes to   make a good choice.  This bagged lettuce was made by the local store here and states  it’s 100% USA made where as the major name brand (DOLE) has the same product but it’s not 100% made in USA. Who wants foreign countries produce when we can get our own?  If more than one place is listed who knows what percentage is made here? Another product is the Green Giant frozen veggies in a bag they are a USA product yet for some reason the frozen veggies in a box are from Mexico. Why?

From now on I’m going to be checking to see where the food is from.  I hope more people will take a minute while food shopping to look at the label, for health and to support our USA food producers.

Keep healthy,

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  1. Clyde Killgore says:

    A picky picky picky eater….

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