Family Bonding TIme is Seeing a Manson Concert

HEY MANSON Fans here’s my neice and I at the House of Blues in AC New Jersey before the concert.  It was a treat getting to see Manson after so many years.  This was our third time seeing him and of course we went to all three shows together.  It’s our special time!
Manson Concert 2012 in NJ
Manson Concert 2012 in NJ
Manson Concert 2012 in NJ
               Heres’s the song list
Cruel world  —  Dispasable teens  —  Love song
No reflection  —  Mobscence  —  Dope show
Slo motion  —  Rock is dead  —  Personal Jesus
Pistol whipped  —  Tourniquet  —  Hate athem
Sweet dreams  —  Anti-christ  —  Beautiful people
So if anyone has been to a concert recently please share with us……  Music is truly one of life’s pleasure’s.
Happy listening
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  1. valarie says:

    love our special times together, your the best aunt ever! and i love me some brian aka manson!

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