Fall or Autumn?

What do you call this time of year?  Fall or Autumn?  This is the only season that we have a choice in which we like to use.  Here are some awesome pictures that show this wonderful season.

Beautiful reflection

Here are a few more pictures of the changing landscape.

Mountains in Autumn

Whatever name you choose to call this season it’s a relaxing peaceful time.  It means that “old man” winter is not far away, my least favortie season.  I don’t like the cold. But it makes me look forward to Spring.   So for the next few months let’s enjoy the colors and cooler tempature.  And my favorite holiday “Halloween”.   Happy Enjoying the Fall,                                                         Monica

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2 Responses
  1. karen says:

    I say fall most of the time.

  2. Monica says:

    I also use fall most often.
    thanks for sharing

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