Ever have strange creatures in your attic basement?

Hey there! Recently I was awoken by something flying around in my bedroom.¬† Well¬† my first reaction was I must be seeing things since I didn’t have my glasses on. But no my eyes were not tricking me¬†it turned out to be¬†a bird.

Bird in my attic

And that was not the first one over the next¬†few weeks I¬†had¬† 3 more come in the house.¬† Each time I opened a window to get them to fly out and the last time I¬†caught the¬†cat¬†trying to sneak out. He gave me a scare since my cats stay inside. But¬†I finally found¬†a roofer¬†who would do a repair and not the whole roof.¬† It turned out there was a small opening along the gutter and that’s how the birds were getting in.¬† Took¬†a¬†picture of¬†one bird that was in the attic.¬†So anyone else ever have¬†something like this happen?

Keep on reading, Monica

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