Do You Have a Favorite Family Tradition????

Here’s one of our family traditions, cookies that my mom & I would make mainly for Christmas. At times my sisters and brother would join in and when my neice was old enough she’d help too. It’s made with homemade dough and set in the frig at least overnight. BUT the filling we use is what makes this special. It’s called Prune Butter or Lekvar and when I was a child this “special” filling was only available at the import store.  You can use other fillings to such as nut, poppy seed, or even other jams, but do not use one that is too thin or it will ooze out while baking. Here’s how our cookies look when done.

Makes me think of the holidays when I was a child


Happy family time


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  1. valarie says:

    yummmm grandma’s cookies, the best in the world!

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