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Traditional Thanksgiving dinner

What a wonderful time of year.  We get to give thanks for all our blessings.

doesn’t that look tasty

Let’s not forget to give thanks for the land we live in the wonderful USA. There are so many sites to see all over the country and we have so many freedoms one very basic one is to come and go as we so choose and who we spend our time with.  Enjoy your Thanksgiving in whatever way makes you happy.

Happy turkey day to everyone,   Monica
Here’s something just for fun


Remembering our Veterans through song

Our souldiers are the reason Why we have the freedoms we enjoy everyday.  This is the one day of the year we can pay tribute to these brave, wonderful men and women who serve our country.  And what better way to honor our soldiers and country then by song.    Here are some songs that I listed, if your favorites are not here please comment.  Some gave all– Billy Ray Cyrus, Red white & blue– Lynard Skynard, Remember the heroes– Sammy Hagar, US blues– Grateful Dead, Fighting for freedom– Manowar, Born int the USA– Bruce Springsteen, A change is gonna come– Seal, Let’s roll– Neil Young, America- Neil Diamond, Travelin Soldier- Dixie chicks, Voice of America- Asia, Ragged old flag– Johnny cash, Living in America– James Brown, Born Country– Alabama, America will always stand– Randy Travis, Veterans of USA– Goads, American soldier– Toby Keith  & Our country– John Melloncamp.  There are so many more but these are just some more recent ones.     Keep on rolling America,   Monica

My cat Geddy appreciates great music!

My cat Geddy knows good music and relaxes on the best format the vinyl LP.

Happy rocking, Monica

Were you at Rhythm & Roots?

Hey I was there, made it two out of the three days.  It was a good time.  I got in a lot of exercise this weekend, Friday the walk to the car was more then the few times we walked State St.  There was so many different things to eat. If you weren’t hungry before you got there all the smells surely would make you. And there were lots of people funny though I didn’t run into anyone I knew.   Out of all the music I did get to hear Tift Merritt would be my favorite pick. I really enjoyed her performance.  

A little Free Advertising

Keep on listening,Monica

Bristol Rhythm & Roots

It’s that time again where Bristol TN/VA gets to have another BIG music event with 24 stages. A 5K Road Race, 2mi Fun Walk, a Chili Cook Off just to mention a few. And don’t forget about all the different things to eat, crafts, unique shopping and fun activies. This all starts on Sept, 14 for a BIG 3 Day Weekend here in Bristol. Rhythm and Roots.                Everybody enjoy, Monica

Photo credit Justin Wiseman


I’m a Nut

Hey everyone,

Being a bit silly today. This clip was forwarded to me and I thought I’d share it with you.          It’s really fun stuff.  Hope it makes you smile it did me.  

Roger Miller Having fun being a nut

 Happy watching, Monica

Mumford and Sons here in Bristol

Our town of Bristol is getting on the map with a concert being held on Aug 11, 2012. Proving we are more than our country roots. And the land mark guitar that sits on the corners of Commonwealth, The Parkway and State St. now has a mustache attached in honor of Mumford & Sons go check it out, it’s cute. And to all of you who have tickets ENJOY the show!

happy listening,

Have You Ever Done Something Silly? Here’s one of mine.

Having a Blast

Ever do something silly? I did back last year. Bristol TN/VA has concerts throughout the summer on State St in the Farmer’s market section. Country music is predominate in this area and the bands that perform twice a week are either country or bluegrass. Last year was a bit different with four tribute bands on the listings to perform.The first three were Aerosmith, Journey and the Eagles and they all drew a larger than usual crowd. Maybe people just wanted to hear something different.

But this gave me an idea. AC DC was the last of the tribute bands to perform on Sept 8 and I had a book signing coming up on the 11th. My friend Karen and I went to State St wearing signs of my up coming book signing. Security approached us and wanted to know what we were doing. Since it was only to promote the event they allowed us to pass out the flyers.

My sign was the size of a poster board and it hung touching my calves making it difficult to walk. Karen should have been wearing that one because she’s close to six feet tall. People must have thought we were flakey but it was fun just the same. We only did that for about an hour, put our supplies back in the car and went back to enjoy the show.

Doing Something Silly

I hope they continue to have some rock bands there again this year. What do you think?   Did you go to any of the concerts? Have you ever done silly stuff like this without it being Halloween?Happy having some silly fun,

Family Bonding TIme is Seeing a Manson Concert

HEY MANSON Fans here’s my neice and I at the House of Blues in AC New Jersey before the concert.  It was a treat getting to see Manson after so many years.  This was our third time seeing him and of course we went to all three shows together.  It’s our special time!
Manson Concert 2012 in NJ
Manson Concert 2012 in NJ
Manson Concert 2012 in NJ
               Heres’s the song list
Cruel world  —  Dispasable teens  —  Love song
No reflection  —  Mobscence  —  Dope show
Slo motion  —  Rock is dead  —  Personal Jesus
Pistol whipped  —  Tourniquet  —  Hate athem
Sweet dreams  —  Anti-christ  —  Beautiful people
So if anyone has been to a concert recently please share with us……  Music is truly one of life’s pleasure’s.
Happy listening

Childhood taste — how much has yours changed????

When I was in my early teens my musical taste was pretty bland. I only listened to a few artists: The Osmond Brothers, The Partridge Family, the Rolling Stones, The Beatles, David Bowie & The Who—Pretty lame! It was my younger brother Gary who was only five at the time saw a commercial advertising a KISS concert and decided he liked them. So I wanted to hear the music, too, and “Rock & Roll Over” was the current album out. I bought it and we listened to it. That album opened the door for me expanding my realm of artists. And with the birth of MTV more artists we able to be seen as well as heard.

As a young lady I saw these bands regularly on MTV and was hooked. Motley Crue was the first to catch my eye wearing leather, makeup and lots of hair; it was very visually appealing.

People that I had never heard of I started listening to. And to this day my taste has not changed my passion is still Rock music, from what is considered Pop, or soft rock, to Heavy metal. If growing up means giving up my music then I vow never to grow up..

Happy listening,