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Halloween Puzzle

Halloween puzzle Haunted house

Puzzle is done








Our odd shaped Halloween puzzle is DONE!!!!  Only took us a few nights.  It was a good time for us getting to put the puzzle together, listen to some music and of course the company.   Thanks Michelle and Linda for the help. 

Happy puzzling,

Halloween Puzzle

Halloween puzzle

Here’s our progress so far. Once again just a few hours and a few more CD’s and we are about half way done. 

Happy puzzling,

Halloween puzzle

Haunted house puzzle


So here’s what it looks like after our first week working for a few hours and a few CD’s   not bad.. 

Happy puzzling,

Halloween Fun

Here’s a puzzle that my friends and I are going to be working on this month.  It’s a Halloween puzzle that is uniquely shaped and looks pretty difficult but we’ll see about that.  So here is what the box looks like and I’ll be keeping you posted with more pictures as to our progress.

Happy Halloween,  MonicaHalloween Haunted house puzzle

Great Halloween Hobby

You ever started a collection or hobby for a special season?   Well I did.  I have loved Barbies since I was a child and as I got older I started collecting Barbies but my favorite ones to collect are the Halloween Barbies, which is what I’ve continued to keep collecting.   Here are just a few of my most recent ones……….

Great Hobby

This could be a Great way to introduce a young girl into the wonderful world of Barbie and it wouldn’t be very expensive. The dolls range in price from ten to twenty dollars.  Not like the holiday collection which is about fourty. And the Halloween dolls have a smaller package less space needed if you want to keep it in the box for collecting. Just keep in mind that there could be more than one each year sometimes they are made exclusive for stores. Example picture one here is made for Target.

Happy Halloween,  Monica 

Halloween is the Coolest Day we celebrate

I love Halloween! It’s by far the coolest Holiday of the year. It’s filled with monsters, ghosts, witches, candy, pumpkins and all sorts of spookie stuff….  This month I want to devote to Halloween so if there is anything you want to add, tell me.  or maybe share you’re best memory of Halloween.   I’ll start by telling you one of mine.  I remember when I was a teenager I got dressed as Alice Cooper with the black makeup all over my eyes. Well, when my brother who was in his highchair saw me he immediately started crying.  Hey, I got to scare someone even before I went out Trick or Treating.   

Happy Halloween,  Monica 

Fall or Autumn?

What do you call this time of year?  Fall or Autumn?  This is the only season that we have a choice in which we like to use.  Here are some awesome pictures that show this wonderful season.

Beautiful reflection

Here are a few more pictures of the changing landscape.

Mountains in Autumn

Whatever name you choose to call this season it’s a relaxing peaceful time.  It means that “old man” winter is not far away, my least favortie season.  I don’t like the cold. But it makes me look forward to Spring.   So for the next few months let’s enjoy the colors and cooler tempature.  And my favorite holiday “Halloween”.   Happy Enjoying the Fall,                                                         Monica

Were you at Rhythm & Roots?

Hey I was there, made it two out of the three days.  It was a good time.  I got in a lot of exercise this weekend, Friday the walk to the car was more then the few times we walked State St.  There was so many different things to eat. If you weren’t hungry before you got there all the smells surely would make you. And there were lots of people funny though I didn’t run into anyone I knew.   Out of all the music I did get to hear Tift Merritt would be my favorite pick. I really enjoyed her performance.  

A little Free Advertising

Keep on listening,Monica

Bristol Rhythm & Roots

It’s that time again where Bristol TN/VA gets to have another BIG music event with 24 stages. A 5K Road Race, 2mi Fun Walk, a Chili Cook Off just to mention a few. And don’t forget about all the different things to eat, crafts, unique shopping and fun activies. This all starts on Sept, 14 for a BIG 3 Day Weekend here in Bristol. Rhythm and Roots.                Everybody enjoy, Monica

Photo credit Justin Wiseman


I’m a Nut

Hey everyone,

Being a bit silly today. This clip was forwarded to me and I thought I’d share it with you.          It’s really fun stuff.  Hope it makes you smile it did me.  

Roger Miller Having fun being a nut

 Happy watching, Monica