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Marketplace Fairness and Obamacare what next?

We ALL should be concerned with what is going on with our Government. Little by little we are losing the Freedoms this great country was founded on. I’m sure you can see it just as I do.

 I personally am concerned with two issues that are out in the open recently due to deadlines etc. One might not view the  The Marketplace Fairness Act as something important but if passed it’s consequences on our economy will be huge.  One company I support not only for their product but also truthfulness is Swanson Vitamin Company, they explain how this Marketplace Fairness Act will affect our online buying if it gets passed.

To be honest I like most don’t know exactly what will happen with the new  Health Care but when our Elected Officials opt out of it that to me is a RED FLAG! And the fact they want to impose a fine if people don’t get it. Where is our Freedom of choice here.  Those two points alone make me question it.

 Of course we all have our concerns but what ever yours are now is the time to get active.  With so many questions and not enough answers we need to educate ourselves, get involved, do research and in the end VOICE our opinions.  

 Also go to where you will find your state representatives and write them let them know if you are satisfied or not with their performance.  Remember IF we the people are NOT happy with how they are doing their job WE CAN VOTE them out next time.

Let’s keep our government for the people, Monica